“She’s great”, American celebrity is an admirer of Belinda and would do this, he says

Belinda did not hesitate to react to the statements that he would recently make Jared Leto about the tattoo that would be made on her, this would answer the so-called “Latin Pop Princess“.

After the controversial rupture between the singer Belinda and Christian Nodal, the “regional Mexican” would quickly take on the task of erasing the interpreter of “Luz sin Gravidad”, on the contrary, the Hollywood celebrity, Jared Lettó, would affirm that he would tattoo himself “naturalized mexican

Did Belinda claim him?

The versions of a past interview between the Golden Scorpion and Jared Letto soon reached the ears of Belinda upon learning that the character played by Alex Montiel would have questioned the Hollywood actor, who is a close friend of the remembered actress who debuted on Mexican television at the age of ten.

Belinda talks about Jared Letto after stating that she would tattoo it. Photo: Capture Instagram

After the “ex-fiancée of Christian Nodal“He found out that it would have been the subject of said interview, he would contact the masked man to ask for an explanation, which he himself revealed in a past video on YouTube where he also explained the friendship that exists between the also founder of the band “30 seconds to Mars ”

“Jared and Belinda are as friends as I am with her, she writes to me, I don’t know if I can show this message: Hello, Alex, how are you? Hey, Jared wrote me that you asked about me, what are you talking about me?,

“With the Scorpion, anything can happen, but it was in a very friendly context,” Alex Montiel would explain after revealing the message that the interpreter of “adventures in time” (2001) sent him and to which he himself replied:

No, all good. Everything was like in d3smadr3, now that d3smadr3 is healthy and all cool, all good vibes would clarify the 32-year-old interpreter, born on August 15, 1989.

“Jared would tattoo Belinda, he assured”

Everything was derived after a past visit to Mexico by the “American” at the beginning of March after the promotion of his film, “Morbius”, before the official premiere.

An opportunity that the presenter and youtuber did not miss after the “producer”, “director”, granted him an interview in which, under the character of “El Escorpión”, he asked if he would be willing to get a tattoo with the name of Belinda to which he replied yes, showing his admiration for today “netflix actress“.

But would you have the balls to get a tattoo that says Belinda? Alex Montiel asked him, to which Jared Leto replied: You’re talking about the very talented singer and the actress…. yes, of course she’s great, he replied.

Alex Montiel explained that due to the friendship that exists with the “LÓfficiel model, Grazia” and many other publications, they were able to clarify everything without problems. Finally, he spoke of the comments and attacks “very out of place” against the “composer”

If he has had a bad time, if he has been half a pinch *, some like in a little game, others more assholes, but if what they have talked about Beli has not been cool, he pronounced on the treatment that the press and social networks have given to the interpreter in various facets of her life.

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“She’s great”, American celebrity is an admirer of Belinda and would do this, he says