Sheyla Rojas worries about paralysis on her face during an LIVE interview on ‘Mujeres al Mando’

WHAT HAPPENED? He reappeared this Wednesday on national television through the screens of the Latina program “Mujeres Al Mando” and without a doubt, what captured all eyes and drew attention was a rare detail on his face.

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And it is that the model, who currently lives in Mexico, connected through a video call with the Latina magazine to talk about the party she organized for her boyfriend for his birthday.

However, it was evident that the popular ‘Shey Shey’ could not naturally move her upper lip; even when i smiled, it was noticeable that he had a kind of immobility in his face.

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This problem It could be a consequence of the last aesthetic treatment to which he underwent when he was in Lima, in December of last year, because according to what she herself revealed, she had a ‘bodytite’ done to tighten her skin.

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“Yor I did it in the part of the double chin. They tightened this part and that part was swollen, it seemed that I had mumps. His neck was twice as thick as it was now. I got inflamed”, told on the program “America Hoy”.

On that occasion, he also explained that this surgical procedure had not turned out as expected, since the recovery process prevented him from speaking properly and even caused him pain.


Sheyla Rojas, who today lives with his partner Luis Miguel Galarza Muro in Guadalajara, Mexico, told his more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram that he will return to Peruvian television this year.

In September 2020, Sheyla was withdrawn from the Saturday program ‘You are in all’, which she hosted with ‘Choca’ Mandros, due to the scandal generated by the statements of her former relationist when she told details of the trip on the ‘Magaly TV: La Firme’ program. that the television figure made to see the soccer player Luis Advíncula.

“Sooner than you imagine… I’m going to see some songs that I’m very excited about. This 2022 will be a wonderful year. It is decreed, answered Sheyla Rojas, when one of his followers asked him when he plans to return to Peru.

The news of his return to Peruvian TV was confirmed when another of his followers questioned him: “When you return to Peru to lead a program or you will only come for business. it would be great if you came back”. And she replied to everyone’s surprise: “Both”.

He also took the opportunity to thank his followers for asking him to return to Peruvian television and assured that he has many dreams to come true.

Thank you for always asking me to return to TV a beautiful stage… It allowed me to reach your hearts… I lack many things that I want to achieve… Really not everything was easy… but this year I come recharged with dreams, goals and projects: ‘if I can dream, I can achieve it’”, he wrote in his Instagram stories.


Giovanna Valcárcel and Melissa Paredes forgot that Sheyla Rojas is in Mexico and, during a live link, they asked the former television host to put on a bikini to enter the pool. “No, we are here in winter. It’s cold,” said the former blonde.


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Sheyla Rojas worries about paralysis on her face during an LIVE interview on ‘Mujeres al Mando’