Show off behind the scenes Jennifer Lopez in some games


Looking flirtatious as always the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez shared a small video showing part of one of the many sessions she is used to appearing, showing off her beauty and an impressive silver outfit.

I could say that Jennifer Lopez loves to dress with light tones, and especially to wear any garment that has some glamor in it.

The Hollywood star shared the video On his official Instagram account just seven hours ago, the place where he is appears to be a place dedicated to some amusement rides and specialized machines.

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The flirtatious businesswoman was wearing a two-piece outfit that exposed her charms, as well as her abs and shapely legs.

The fabric was silver, which still looked and shone more thanks to the lamps that were used to set the scene and also make the famous actor Ben Affleck’s own girlfriend shine.


Jennifer Lopez shows off behind the scenes of a session | AP

The top she was wearing had straps and a square neck, this was also a bit tight so her charms stood out a little more, as you will know JLo is not a woman with enormous superior charms, however she has taken advantage of them despite this.


Really great starting power, “wrote JLo.

Jennifer Lopez she was posing in front of some pinball machines while posing a bit and in the most professional and flirtatious way possible.

The singer and businesswoman was also wearing a pair of boots that reached a little below the knee, as well as her clothes, these also had glitter.

This behind the scenes shows us some parts of the important sessions that, just as she has done, other celebrities also manage to do it and in the best possible way.

You may have heard recently that the famous Hollywood actress and Ben Affleck would have to separate for a while, this due to work commitments.

Despite the distance that they could have, both have looked for a way to get ahead, adapting their schedules to be able to see each other on weekends, it is something most romantic and perhaps somewhat complicated, but perhaps worth it.

It seems that the beautiful Benifer couple made up of: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not want to waste time waiting for more to be together, as they did since 2004 when they ended their relationship.

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Show off behind the scenes Jennifer Lopez in some games