SHOWED HIS MEATS! Chiquis opens her raincoat shamelessly to show off the body ‘that God gave her’ but causes mockery (VIDEO)

  • Without shame, Chiquis Rivera shows off her legs in transparent stockings
  • Comments are divided between social networks
  • Chiquis Rivera assures that he would like to return to the year in which his mother passed away

Without fear of success? The singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera continues to give something to talk about and this time she surprised on social networks by publishing hot and daring photographs of her showing off her contoured legs in transparent stockings, which were accompanied by a luxurious car in the background.

Go that Chiquis Rivera does not seem to care in the least what people say about her on social networks, since lately she has been seen more and more stunning and revealing than ever, showing her body very high despite the constant criticism that usually receives from several users who do not hesitate to bring up comments regarding their figure and weight.

Without shyness! Chiquis boasts legs in transparent stockings and on top of a car

PHOTO: Instagram

However, this does not seem to matter in the least, as Janney once again impacts her more than four million followers on Instagram with fiery and revealing photos, appearing in sheer stockings while showing off her slender and curvy legs.

Through his official account, Chiquis Rivera shared a series of photographs, where he appeared with a revealing black body set glued to his body, which was accompanied by a huge coat with a military design and long black high-heeled boots.

Nasty girl ?; Chiquis shows off her body under a sexy raincoat

Nasty girl ?; Chiquis boasts legs in transparent stockings and on top of a car
PHOTO: Instagram

However, what most attracted the attention of these fiery photographs, which were published on October 21, were the transparent stockings that Chiquis Rivera boasted, which exposed her legs and her curvy body. All of these photos used a luxury car in the background, but there was also video.

At the bottom of these images, which already have more than 125 thousand likes, Jenni Rivera’s daughter wrote the following message: “On repeat: Nasty Girl- Notorious B.IG. Are you also from the 90s? Send me back to Thursday in Miami at my friend’s Rolss Royce, ”said the 36-year-old singer.

Trenchcoat opens to show ‘what God gave him’

On top of a luxurious car Chiquis Rivera shows off legs in transparent stockings
PHOTO: Instagram

Of course, these were not the only publications that Chiquis Rivera made showing off her legs in fitted transparent stockings, since Jenni Rivera’s daughter did not miss the opportunity to now upload a video, which already has more than 58 thousand likes and an endless number of reproductions.

In this video, it is seen how Chiquis showed off the luxurious white car, while she got out of it and began to model the outfit and the transparent stockings that she was wearing, while taking her long ponytail and the flashes began to flood the video , alluding to the photographs of some paparazzi and reporters.

Comments are divided into the photographs of Chiquis Rivera showing off legs in transparent stockings

Comments are divided into the photographs of Chiquis Rivera showing off legs in transparent stockings
PHOTO: Instagram

Before this video and these photographs shared by Chiquis Rivera where she showed off her legs in transparent stockings and her body in a fitted body set, her more than a million followers did not want to remain silent, and among celebrities such as Patricia Manterola, La Veneno Sandoval , Maite Perroni, among others, highlighted how beautiful the singer looked:

“You are fire mommy”, “I love you beautiful”, “Queen of my heart”, “How cool”, “You are the most beautiful”, “I live in love with you”, “What a woman, God”, “You are beautiful”, “We love you”, “I live fully in love with you”, “Without fear of beautiful success”, were one of the many comments that could be read in the publications of Chiquis Rivera.

They call her ridiculous and assure that she only seeks approval

They call her ridiculous and assure that she only seeks approval; Chiquis boasts legs in transparent stockings and on top of a car
VIDEO: Instagram

On the other hand, the Instagram account of the program “Suelta la sopa” also shared this video where Chiquis Rivera appeared showing off her legs in transparent stockings, where followers did not miss the opportunity to leave a comment about it, causing that once again Jenni’s daughter is criticized:

“That woman does not even give her mother a foot, she was a great lady and warrior”, “The lady is foolish in seeking acceptance from people who do not accept her, she has to attract attention and says that she does not care. their opinion of her HAHA “,” That she takes off her pantyhose and shows her real body “,” The lemon water didn’t work out “,” It’s ridiculous “,” Poor Jenni “, were other comments. VIDEO HERE

Chiquis Rivera confesses that he would like to return to 2012 to speak with his deceased mother Jenni Rivera

PHOTO: Mezcalent

He opened his heart. In an interview with Spanish fashionista Jomari Goyso on his podcast called Sin rodeo, available at Youtube, the singer Chiquis Rivera gives again what to talk about, now by saying that she would like to go back to 2012 to talk with her late mother Jenni Rivera. Also, he said that he is afraid to have babies.

In the first place, the host of the program Salt and pepper shared that it was a very special broadcast, since he thought that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex was not going to accept his invitation, despite the fact that he considers it one of his best friends: “There are so many controversies around her that are created out of nowhere that I fully understand why she wants to keep quiet.”

Share never-before-revealed details of your mom

VIDEO: YouTube

When asked what she saw in her that she does not see when she is inside herself, Chiquis Rivera replied that when she goes ‘outside’ and looks inside, she believes that people see that she likes to talk about her, in addition to that she likes the controversy and it’s a woman controversy. But that would not be all, because it is just the beginning of this talk.

“That bothers me a little because if they really knew me, nothing to see. I like love, I like peace, I don’t want problems, nothing more ‘A problem’, which is my song ”, replied Jenni Rivera’s daughter in a serious tone, although perhaps she did not imagine what Jomari Goyso would ask continuation.

What is the biggest lesson Chiquis Rivera has learned?

VIDEO: YouTube

“Not wanting to control situations, letting things happen. I am the type of person, or it was rather, to always want to protect, care, and that seems perhaps like I am a bit controlling, and I have learned to live and let live and things will happen as they should and I can’t control that and that’s it, ”Chiquis Rivera mentioned.

Now, Jenni Rivera’s daughter commented that she has finally sold her house in Los Angeles where she lived with her ex Lorenzo Méndez, but that she still does not know when she is going to move: “It can be said that it is no longer mine, that is happening Thank God I have a lot of work that I don’t even know when I’m going to be able to move, it’s going to be difficult, but I can ”. It was evident that this is a song that the singer had very close to, but there would still be more.

Chiquis Rivera accepts that she has a boyfriend: “Why am I going to lie to you?”

VIDEO: YouTube

In the most natural way possible, the Spanish fashionista asked the singer if she had a boyfriend, to which she replied that she did, although she did not reveal any name, but it is known that it is the renowned photographer Emilio Sánchez: “I have a boyfriend. what am I going to lie to you? You already know it, but yes, if I continue with him ”.

And about the controversy she sparked by wearing a striking orange dress at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, held just a few weeks ago, Chiquis Rivera said she believes she has been improving a lot on the red carpets, but she no longer cares so much about the critics: “I want to feel good, I want to feel safe in this dress, they are going to talk and it makes me sad and a little angry, because if a thin girl had that same dress they would not criticize her so much”

“That year was so difficult, so strong,” the singer commented on 2012, the year Jenni Rivera died.

VIDEO: YouTube

In what no one would have expected, Chiquis Rivera confessed that after her mother died, she took the role of mother of her brothers, so she became a very protective person, to such a degree that she is afraid to let go of her five siblings: Jenicka, Jacqie, Michael and Johnny.

And if he had the opportunity to relive a year, he said it would be “2012 definitely, because of everything that happened that year, because of so many confusions, many things that were not clarified. I would love to live that year because I think that would have saved me a little bit in many difficult moments of my life, full of pain. That year was so difficult so strong ”, he concluded. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Some images of this note come from the following video

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SHOWED HIS MEATS! Chiquis opens her raincoat shamelessly to show off the body ‘that God gave her’ but causes mockery (VIDEO)