Signs that you are treating your partner like a son and they are going to end badly

Signs that you are treating your partner like a son and they are going to end badly. It costs us a lot but the reality is that this is one of the most effective ways to drive away a loved one.

When we start life as a couple we do it full of illusion but as time goes by we get used to giving opinions about the life of the other and although it is good to express what we feel, there are certain limits that we must respect.

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The reality is that when a partner He chooses us, he does it so that we are his team, his partner, but not just another mother because even if they had a bad relationship with the woman who gave them life, there is only one mother and that is not our job.

If you get used to being a kind of mother for your partner, what you will achieve is that later it explodes, because either you do not respect his limits or he will claim things he did for you, because you told him, demonstrating his emotional immaturityl.

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The following actions are the main characteristics that you treat your partner like a child, something that can be comfortable for him because it leaves you with the heavy work, it will cause you mental fatigue and you will get him used to doing more in the relationship, ending in a conflict like the one we already mentioned, or he claims that you don’t let him be or he claims that everything he did was for you and not of his own free will, you don’t need one of those tantrums.

When something does not seem to you, you claim it in public

Dad and mom show their authority when they call our attention, it’s normal, they are teaching us about the world but when we do it as a couple, that feeling of humiliation that causes us destroys love. Disagreements cannot be avoided, but remember that there is time and place for everything.

You question their way of dressing

Trying to get your partner to dress the way you want says that you don’t respect their individuality, that you don’t respect their style and if you’re going to be by their side to see what changes, of course they’re going to run away. If you don’t like how she looks tell her, but remind him that this is your opinion and that in the end he will know if he stays that way or not, never assume responsibility for things that do not belong to you.

You get upset when he does things without telling you

Your partner is an adult and although it feels good to ask us for advice, there will be times when you have to decide things on your own, he does not need your permission, even if you are married you are not his owner and as long as they are things that do not harm the stability of the home, of the relationship, he does not have to give you the password of everything, you are not his owner nor is he your owner.

You “select” your friends

It is common for some friends of the couple to cause us insecurity, but it is very different to tell him why tactfully and calmly than to simply put on the plan that with certain friends he will no longer be able to see each otherI repeat, you are not his owner and if you have to control who he goes out with or not to protect the relationship, then the problem is your partner who does not give you your place as a girlfriend or wife.

Signs that you are treating your partner like a son and they are going to end badly. pexels

Allow your partner to be responsible for himself.

When he goes out without you, you call and/or text him constantly.

Don’t act like the worried mom, thinking the worst case scenario just because you’re not there to take care of him. If something happens your partner will manage to notify you, but do not harass him, if he does something wrong, it will come to light on his own. Aren’t you lazy having to worry when he’s not around instead of enjoying that time to yourself? Respect their space and take advantage of that time for yourself.

You try to control what you eat

You live it by counting your calories, whether or not you drink alcohol, if you eat enough fruits, vegetables and again…your partner is an adult who should know how to take care of himself. Sure, it’s okay to pamper him and show that you care, but you can’t insist all the time on what he has to do, if he doesn’t do it willingly, then he’ll claim you.

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You don’t know how to set limits when you feel tired or upset

It is very common for mothers to do everything for their children and put themselves last, but for the same reason they feel completely exhausted and it also happens in the couple. Being in a couple is team building, so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. and in sharing household chores with him.

You expect me to do everything like you and if not, you get upset

This is the clearest sign of immaturity on the part of both. We must recognize that everyone has learned to do things their own way and although they can change or improve, doing things differently does not mean that it is wrong. Don’t be the authoritarian mom but the wife or girlfriend who is there for what he needs but without imposing himself and without getting in the way, respect his space, his time, his essence just as he should respect yours.

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Signs that you are treating your partner like a son and they are going to end badly