Silvia Pinal: this is how Viridiana, her favorite daughter, passed away

Viridiana is a name that represents a lot in the life of Silvia Pinal, evoking the same love and pain. The first “Viridiana” Silvia Pinal appeared in life through cinema: thanks to this 1961 film directed by Luis Buñuel, her career stood out enormously.

The Spanish-produced film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, but it was severely criticized by the Vatican, who called it blasphemous while critics considered it a masterpiece.

Shortly after this film, in 1963, Gustavo Alatriste and Silvia Pinal they had their only daughter, whom they named just Viridiana, who was sponsored by him Luis Buñuel. According to her sisters, she was a noble woman, skilled in acting and, above all, extremely similar to the matriarch of this family that today and for several years ago has been plunged into scandal.

This was the life of Viridiana Alatriste

Viridiana Alatriste Pinal showed that she inherited the talent and passion for the arts. Since she was little, she began to get involved in acting, starting in the play “Annie is a shot”, together with her mother, in 1976.

The young actress participated in “Cachún Cachún Ra Ra” and it was part of “Tomorrow is spring”, telenovela produced by Silvia Pinal.

Viridiana Alatriste was beginning to forge an extremely promising career in the media, however, at the age of 19 she suffered a fatal accident that would end her life. Silvia Pinal has expressed that it has been the hardest blow of her life, insuperable.

Many versions have arisen around his death, but the actor Jaime Garza, who was then Viridiana’s partner, who has commented on how that tragic night was that marked him forever, as they formed one of the most intense romances:

“That night we had a meeting in a little apartment because it was Viridiana’s seasonal break from a play she was doing.

“There were guests from her, from the play. Suddenly Viridiana tells me: ‘Hey, run them, I want them to leave, I want to be alone.’ And I said: ‘Viri, but how am I going to tell them if you invited them, Are they part of your company, of your friends?

“Since I didn’t run them, he started to get uncomfortable and left, but he left in perfect condition.”

Shortly after leaving, Viridiana lost her life in a tragic accident.

According to the information they gave to Sylvia Pasquel, his older sister, Viridiana Alatriste he died quickly of a blow to the head. She had to recognize the body and tell her mother. This death caused a deep wound in Silvia Pinal’s family.

For his part, Jaime Garza has admitted not feeling guilty for what happened, but surprised by the abrupt decision to run away.

“It was terrible, you can’t find the justification, the explanation: don’t say you, it was wrong or taken, no, no, no. Nothing. It was normal. Not because there is no where to implicate me guilt. I was left with a feeling of why she wanted undo the meeting, that is, what did you feel or what pushed you to decide suddenly to want that? I do not understand why, because it was not even a lawsuit, it was nothing. ”

One more tragedy related to Viridiana’s name

When Sylvia Pasquel She married Fernando Frade, who was also her mother’s partner and for whom a strong estrangement developed, they had a daughter in 1985 who was also named Viridiana in honor of the actress’s sister, who died 3 years ago.

It seems that the name meant bad news, as a new tragedy happened in the family.

Little Viridiana, Stephanie Salas’ younger sister, died at the age of two. Sylvia Pasquel has related that her little girl died when trying to follow a duck that had been given to her and that she began to swim in the pool where, due to her young age, she could not float in the water and died drowned:

“She stayed in the garden playing with her duckling, Stephie went into the house for something. I don’t know how things were right because I wasn’t there, I had gone to do a clean so that life would be good for me, imagine… it was at a moment of neglect by the nanny ”.

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Silvia Pinal: this is how Viridiana, her favorite daughter, passed away