Silvia Pinal was hospitalized in an emergency: How is the actress?

Silvia Pinal was hospitalized in an emergency: How is the actress?


Silvia Pinal was hospitalized in an emergency in Mexico City after presenting health problems.

The famous actress Silvia Pinal She was hospitalized in an emergency at an exclusive health center in Mexico City after testing positive for COVID-19. The information on the health status of the great diva of Mexico was confirmed by the television show Today.

According to the magazine TV and Novels Mexico, with information from the entertainment program ‘Hoy’, Pinal was transferred from her residence in Mexico City to an area hospital for emergency treatment during the night of Wednesday, December 22.

During his Hospital admission, the Mexican star underwent various medical tests, including a diagnostic checkup for COVID-19.

After undergoing a nasal swab, medical staff confirmed that Silvia Pinal presented a clinical picture with a positive result for Coronavirus.

One of Silvia Pinal’s daughters explained the Mexican star’s state of health

In a phone conversation with the TV show ‘Today’, Sylvia Pasquel, daughter of Silvia Pinal, explained the state of health of her famous mother.

According to the statements of Pasquel, her mother had an unfavorable reaction to a medication that was given to her by one of her family nurses at her residence in the exclusive area of ​​El Pedregal in Mexico City.

“Yesterday at two in the afternoon the nurse reported to us that her blood pressure was very high. They gave him a medicine that did the opposite effect. We called a doctor who is always monitoring her to try to stabilize her, “he said. Sylvia Pasquel in telephone contact with the Mexican television show.

The daughter of the actress asserted that the medical staff informed them that their mother had tested positive for COVID-19 after being admitted to the hospital for a health condition that was initially related to heart problems: “The doctor told us that the COVID-19 test gave positive. They had to move her to a COVID restricted area. We stayed there until we saw her enter her new room and we came to the house because we have all had contact with her. Right now we have to test ourselves and stay away from everything and everyone ”.

Despite Silvia Pinal’s diagnosis with COVID-19 at 90 years of age, her daughter mentioned that the medical staff appreciated having treated the actress at an initial stage of her diagnosis with the virus: “The doctor told us that everything was coming together at the best moment, at the perfect moment. The disease is barely manifesting itself, he has his vaccinations. We see that she is very well, the doctor considers that she is only going to go through the disease without any risk. And we are betting on that, that the strength of my mother will help us to get ahead ”.

Sylvia Pasquel also highlighted that his mother was taken to the hospital on the recommendations of his family cardiologist, after the reaction he presented after taking a drug that gave him an adverse effect.

“In the conversation he had with the cardiologist, he informed us that it was important to do an electrocardiogram to see if they put a catheter to stabilize his heart rhythm. We were in the afternoon trying, but the oxygenation deteriorated and we decided to take her to the hospital. I arrived around 9 at night and well, monitoring myself with them all the time. They had already stabilized her, it was decided that the catheter would be able to solve the arrhythmia problem, but last night she was in intensive care and they transferred her to a room. I was very spirited, ”Pasquel pointed out in his interview with the presenters of the television program ‘Today’.

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Silvia Pinal was hospitalized in an emergency: How is the actress?