Silvia Pinal will no longer return to the theater so as not to “bother” anyone with her performance

“My mom doesn’t come back anymore, not to work or anything”said the interpreter’s only son, 91, in an interview for the “Venga la alegría” program on May 19.

The businessman argued that the family decided that the “Diva del Cine de Oro in Mexico” should stop, mainly for his physical well-being.

“Not at the moment (he will return to the theater), I think your health comes first. That’s what was worrying us, which was the reason why we made the decision to no longer commit anyone in terms of production or the public that feel uncomfortable being in an already difficult role for her or that she is not developing as she would like, “he said.

He added that, in part, the family is satisfied to have let Silvia Pinal experience once again the energy of the public in the theater.

“She did what she wanted to do, which was to get on stage, we saw it in her eyes and she had the great satisfaction of feeling lights, an audience, applause and a standing ovation.”

Luis Enrique said that the opinion of his sister Alejandra Guzmán had great weight in their preference to remove her from the theater. The “Queen of Hearts” was concerned about the controversy that broke out around the couple of presentations that her mother made, in which he was seen with some health complications.

“Alejandra expressed her concern to me and Sylvia and I sat down and said ‘Now’. With all this trouble that’s popping up around the play, I think it’s not even what it should have been anymore, that it’s a children’s play,” he added.

This was the step of Silvia Pinal in “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother”

On May 8, the season of the play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!’ in which Silvia Pinal participated, which had to be canceled due to “a severe campaign of rumors, smears and even extortion,” according to a press release sent by producer Iván Cochegrus.

The actress only made two presentations due to health problems, even on the night of Saturday the 11th she was forced not to go out to give a function to special guests and the press due to hypertension and an upset stomach.

The actress left the New Silvia Pinal Theater, where the show would take place, between shoves and flashes from the media.

According to her daughter, Sylvia Pasquel, going up on stage made her very excited, so days later he promised to return. On Sunday, May 15, she was applauded and received with applause, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

“Thank you all for being with me here, today is a special day in my life, I am an actress and I feel so happy, it is a pleasure to greet my friends,” she told those present.

Despite the successful presentation, that was the last, because shortly after the cancellation and changes in the script were announced.

“After having gone through a severe campaign of rumors, he said that, now, the staging will be called ‘Little Red Riding Hood, the musical’, smears and even extortion and after having started his season last Sunday, May 8, the producer Iván Cochegrus made the decision to end the season of Little Red Riding Hood What’s up with your grandmother! The musical, to carry out a restructuring in its history, becoming ‘Little Red Riding Hood, the musical’”, reads the statement released on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18.

Although the possibility that Silvia Pinal would return in the new version was left open, Luis Enrique said that she will not be back.

“Between the risk and the insecurity, it is better not to put my mother in check, who has nothing to do like this, who gets off the stage with a super-warm ovation and with the love she felt from her audience.

According to the son of Enrique Guzmán, the family has known how to cope with the issue with her to avoid a decline.

“He is taking his therapies, eating very well, we see her in a very good mood, making jokes and scolding everyone, which is always a very good signand we are very happy now”, he concluded.


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Silvia Pinal will no longer return to the theater so as not to “bother” anyone with her performance