Sirey Morán one of the favorites of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’: “I don’t allow fear to stop me”

We are two shows away from meeting the winner of ‘Our Latin Beauty’, Sirey Morán, the Honduran, is one of the favoritesNot only because of the preparation she has, because of her experience on television that has helped her win over the judges, but because she has managed to connect with the public.

But it was not always like this, her taboos, her prejudices, and her religious beliefs, has made her know the failure when she was very little just because she did not dare. In an exclusive talk, where he opens his heart to us and talks about his dreams, the past, the present and what he wants for the future, a promise is made aloud, with the audience as a witness: “I no longer allow the fear stop me “.

-You are one of the favorites, how do you feel, is it a responsibility, is it an extra mile, is it a rest?

Sirey Morán: I’m very happy to know that people are voting… Actually A very pleasant pressure is felt because I am representing the Honduran people, but also all those people who are giving me a vote of confidence. The challenges that I have been experiencing have been difficult, but my engine is what I say: I do not want to disappoint you, I have this opportunity that cost me so much to be able to get here, and I want to do things super well for myself, for my love that I have to have my own, and also for the people who love me, and in that way emerge triumphant in each of those tough challenges, very tough.

-What did you learn from yourself in all these weeks?

Sirey Morán: The learnings in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ are many, I keep that I can do everything I propose, when they told me, “it’s your turn to improvise, your turn to act, you have to read a promter”, among other challenges that we have faced, meet Marie Antoinette Collins, and that you have to do a report of a fire… Really that one, the mind always has that negative part that is fear…. Then there is a slight preparation in some cases, such as choreography, but in other things we have to improvise, and at the moment when I see the material done I say: “Yes, I could”, so it’s a question that now I have more confidence in myself, I feel that when I get out there will always be many obstacles, but I will be able to get out of them.

Regarding coexistence in the mansion, Imagine in a room there will be 10 women, now we are only 6, the semifinalists, but it is very difficult, because there is only one bathroom, and all those questions, I think that many people do not know them, and I think that patience, tolerance, and things that stay for my whole life have developed me a lot. Besides that I am super happy, and I must say it because this week I had the opportunity to meet great personalities, better said in everything that goes from ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, personalities of which I have seen on television and have grown seeing it from afar, also starting with Adal, I grew up watching your show, it’s a dream come true, and this experience leaves me a lot of super nice things.

Sirey Morán from'Nuestra Belleza Latina'
Sirey Morán from ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’. Photo: Univision

What are you looking for in your career, in this reality show? What do you want people to know about you?

Sirey Morán: It is a life opportunity, I study journalism, I am one year away from completing my degree, after I studied law and left my degree halfway through … And it is already so clear at this point in my life that I am passionate about journalism, I want an opportunity. For that reason I left a program in a large company in Honduras. I am so happy that they gave me the first opportunity, and that this mild experience, taking it hand in hand with the university, taking my classes, and that time in a totally live program, was a tremendous growth. Now I arrive, as I say, to the big leagues, to the United States, to Univision, and although it is a reality show, I feel that I have already sown the seed, and obviously, I want the crown, because there I want to give Honduras its first crown.

We have had very good representatives, Natalia del Casco, Yaritza Owen as first finalists, but the Honduran people are waiting for that., already Central Americans who have achieved it but not from the 5-star country, Honduras, so it is a commitment for Sirey, but it is also a commitment to bring joy to my people, because it is no secret to anyone that Honduras is going through many political and economic problems, complicated situations, and The Honduran in a competition, when he can support his countryman, he does it, he joins, and the joy of one becomes the joy of allSeeing a catracho triumph is happiness for all Hondurans. Although I do not have interaction on social networks, I know that people are supporting meBecause something curious is that the NBL casting people came to me who told me they were my followers, so it is something very beautiful, and I hope to fulfill that dream for Sirey of being a journalist that makes Hondurans feel proud, working in the field international, and also give them that happiness of that crown.

-Let’s imagine that we are in the final and the winner is Sirey Morán. What comes after that?

Sirey Morán: Well in this stage of the semifinals I hope in God I can reach the final, and if that moment comes I swear that I do not have the words to answer you, what I can tell you is that I would have to thank God, my family and all those people who have managed to achieve it by having a lot of faith… Hopefully, God willing, I can win that crown for Sirey.

-What do you want after ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’?

Sirey Morán: Working in journalism, without a doubt is what I want the most, it is like any person, Well, I have many financial responsibilities, I have to pay off certain debts, such as cards. I want people to know that, because I am a woman who became financially independent at 19, and I had to learn to lead a life alone, and obviously as time passed, there were good moments, bad moments, and well. I have like so many economic responsibilities that what I need is to work in order to be able to get rid of that first., to be a totally free person, and to be able to grow in this beautiful career that is journalism, to be able to complete it, even if it is online now with everything that technology offers us.

And if you ask me about what area I want to develop in journalism, I don’t have something like that so clear why everyone boxes me in sports and I confirm I love sports, I love it, I dream one day to be able to go to cover the World Cup or to be able to go to the Olympic GamesIt would be something spectacular, but in journalism they also prepare us for everything, radio, print, digital … So I feel that any opportunity that they allow me to have is going to be a blessing and I’m going to take the challenge like when they told me: Do you want to work on television? And I said: yes.

Sirey Morán from'Nuestra Belleza Latina'
Sirey Morán from ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’. Photo: Univision

-What do you think you have that you connect so much with the public?

Sirey Morán: I feel like being very honest, saying what I always think on my social networks… What happened at the Miss Honduras Universe, when I had a super unpleasant experience, not keeping quiet, seeking justice, seek the respect of women, it has allowed me to make a connection with people, I do not like to show someone that I am not, the Sirey that is, is everywhere, that is I have my moments of character like everyone in my hormonal moments, but I think a lot of people have identified. Besides, after the Miss Honduras Universe, I took the time to meet many of my followers in personThere was like a group that was the one that was always voting out there, they put themselves in it and some were from the United States, others lived within Honduras, and I took the time to meet several of them, to meet their children, to meet their family, they gave me gifts and I think this beautiful connection makes these people part of my family. In NBL I realize that I am also being part of a connection with a new audience, that not even I know yet, and what I try is to offer them is the inner beauty of SireyBecause there are many beautiful women on the outside, but to be able to transmit that with the eyes that show the beauty of the soul, I think it has always been my goal, to be able to create a real union with the people who are on the other side.

– What does this prepared Sirey say, with studies and experience, to which she began wanting to make her dreams come true in a beauty contest?

Sirey Morán: I would tell that Sirey from before full of many fears, insecurities, many nerves, live each stage because in the end, if the Sirey of the present is strong it was because of everything she had to go through. I think that at this moment, in this NBL contest I am sure that it will be my last beauty pageant. At my 31 years old I am fulfilling a dream for Sirey and that is that the nerves, fear that all people have, do not take them away as they did in the past.

In my first contest in Honduras, I was the worst in all the challenges because I was very afraid, I did not want to put on the swimsuit, I did not want to, in Honduras there are people who go to the beach with clothes, who are sorry to wear a bathing suit, and when I lived that stage, I lost the contest, because I didn’t want to dance, because I didn’t want to do my thing because of my beliefs, and at the end of the day When the contest ended, I heard the winner’s mother say: “The only one who could outshine my daughter was Sirey” … That hit me like something so hard on my head, I I could have been the winner, and I took the opportunity, then it made me reflect, the world of modeling helped me to get a Sirey that has cost me, because I believe that all the people who have had the opportunity to be in a media, know that that anxiety, those tickles, that emotion, it’s something we have to learn to live, but don’t let fear stop you. So I would tell her nothing, be strong and don’t give up and persevere to the end.



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Sirey Morán one of the favorites of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’: “I don’t allow fear to stop me”