Sofía Vergara, more than beautiful, looks on the beach

Sofia Vergara is one of the actresses who, just by uploading a photo, manages to millions of reactions in a matter of hours, more if you reveal a little more than what your audience expects. Nothing like uploading a photo in which you walk through the beachaccompanied by a horse and with the sun’s rays on her.

In social media It has become a trend to upload memories on Thursdays, with photos or videos, and the Colombian is no exception, so, taking advantage of that pretext, Sofia Vergara She shared a moment from her time as a model in the 90s, showing off her wonderful figure in a paradise in the Dominican Republic.

Next to a horse, the then model looks relaxed and happy, walking on the sand and with the sea behind her. Her hair in blonde tones made her look slightly different from what we have seen in “Modern Family” but with that beauty that characterizes her and that way of being outgoing and fun, because she even showed her tongue.

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sofia vergara

Sofía Vergara, playful and beautiful, shines on the beach. Photo: Instagram.

The Sofía Vergara of the 90s has not changed much from the woman we know today, although her physique is still as it was then, her carefree and cheerful attitude is more than notorious in this memory that came up, a personality that everyone and we all know what he has.

The actress had time to have a good time while working, in this case, her companion was a horse that looks calm next to her, while Sofía is very close to him, without looking afraid or nervous, but quite the opposite, Well, with a big smile, she turns to see him and shows him her tongue.

A gesture that has caused several funny and daring comments in his publicationand that really is not so surprising, because Sofía Vergara has always shown herself as a simple, fun and uninhibited woman, with a great sense of humor and with those Colombian roots, which make her one of the most beautiful women in the artistic world.

Until now, the then model has surprised the international market with her talent and charisma, because with her role as “Gloria” in the series “Modern Family”, has not only shown his talent for acting, but his ability to make people laugh, with his funny character.

In addition to all that, its beauty has been a predominant characteristic with which we relate the name of Sofia Vergarabecause she always causes a stir when uploading photos or vines from the beach or where her great figure looks.

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Sofía Vergara, more than beautiful, looks on the beach