Sofía Zámolo’s awkward moment when remembering her relationship with David Nalbandian: “I was dating, he doesn’t know”

Sofía Zámolo spoke about her relationship with Nalbandian

Sofia Zamolo An awkward moment passed after Show Partners asked him as a result of another topic, if it had ever happened to him that a couple did not publicly “whitewash” her and she was surprised to say yes, and to refer to her relationship with former tennis player David Nalbandián.

“I was dating”said laughing, hinting that for her it was a serious relationship but not for him and explained: “He was in a situation where he went back to his girlfriend from before and it happened… we were guys, I wish him the best.” He then said that although they did not end in a bad way, nobody likes to find out “certain things”.

About what happened at that time, he said that he was super focused on his tennis career and that he did not want to talk about other things in public, and that is why they did not appear together. Although he did not have a good time at the time, he does not hold a grudge: “We were very young, we were 20, it’s part of the past, what one lived through, then I came across it at some event and it was ‘hello and bye’. I appreciate it because thanks to that I am where I am.”

That romance was in the 2002. At that time the courtship rumors sounded strong but neither of them dared to refer to the other publicly. In a time where there were no social networks, there were hardly any photos of them circulating together either.

The model and the athlete had met at the People of the Characters of the Year magazine gala that took place at the Hotel Alvear in 2002 and almost a year later, in September after months of keeping the relationship secret, their link came out. the light after they starred in a car accident in Córdoba.

“I don’t talk about my private life”he justified his silence at that moment and when consulted she said: “I don’t go out with Nalbandian, I don’t even have a favorite tennis player”. However, months later she was one of those present in the Roland Garros grandstand.

Currently the model is married to José Félix Uriburu with whom she has a daughter, California, who turned one year old in December. “Happy Birthday Cali Bebita de mi alma thank you for all the joy and happiness you give us every day. You give me strength, you teach me to love, to care, to be patient, to be a better person. Me Cheerful. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. I love you with my soul”, she wrote to her baby on her social networks.

The arrival of the baby was received with special joy by the couple who suffered a lot until they could conceive. On repeated occasions, Sofia has said that the search for a son was not easy. And to this, and to the social pressures on motherhood, she referred to when it came to publicizing the news of the pregnancy.

After being a mother in the midst of the pandemic, Sofía received a severe blow, the illness and death of her mother, in February 2021, when “Cali”, as she affectionately calls her daughter, was less than two months old. “Mom was eternal for us. Seeing her always so strong and suddenly seeing her so fragile and not being able to hug or squeeze her when she was in bed was very hard. He told me: ‘go with Cali, that fat girl wants something to eat.There was an incredible connection between the two of them.”, he once wrote when remembering the bond between grandmother and granddaughter.


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Sofía Zámolo’s awkward moment when remembering her relationship with David Nalbandian: “I was dating, he doesn’t know”