Sofía Zámolo’s fury after her ex-sister-in-law accuses her of evicting her: she interrupted a live mobile to respond

Sofía Zámolo’s harsh response against her former sister-in-law (Video: “Partners of the Show” – El Trece)

Sofia Zamolo He is not having a good personal time. Although she is very happy with her husband Jose Felix Uriburu and raising her little daughter Californiafor some time now he has been facing a strong dispute with his former sister-in-law, Silvana Floreswho was in a relationship with his brother and they have a daughter together.

It all started when the woman revealed the ordeal she experienced during her relationship with Diego plus, accused the model of wanting to evict her, since the property in which she lived was put in Sofia’s name. However, Flores thought it was in her husband’s name. “Diego leaves here due to a home exclusion in November 2018 and in July 2019 she files that eviction lawsuit against her brother. But it was a procedural invention to hide the father’s assets because she knew that Diego did not live here when the lawsuit began, “he had said in early February, in dialogue with the cycle led by Ulises Jaitt The Comeback Show (Radio Ensemble). And he had pointed out: “He is always putting links helping in charitable causes for children and leaves the niece on the street with no choice, no alternative.”

The truth is that the eviction finally took place and this Wednesday, Silvana gave her testimony again, this time in Show Partnersthe program they lead Rodrigo Lussich and Adrian Pallares on The thirteen. “On Friday they went to do the eviction and it was all very fast, so we didn’t have time to plan a move. We are living provisionally with my mom, but I am surprised that Justice, which tends to be slow, acted quickly. Something never seen before,” she noted.

Sofía Zámolo responded to her sister-in-law through Mariana Brey
Sofía Zámolo responded to her sister-in-law through Mariana Brey

In addition, he assured that the model claimed not to have contact with his brother, but that was not the case. “This was arranged between them to kick us out. This woman lent herself to try to save the patrimony of a man in prejudice of a three-year-old girl. She is also responsible for her, who does not help her alcoholic, addicted and violent brother. Instead, he kicks me and his niece out of the house.”

The truth is that upon hearing these statements, Zámolo decided to break the silence and contacted Mariana Breyvia WhatsApp. “In everything he says, he lies. I’m going to go out and talk. What a liar this woman is, ”the panelist began reading verbatim. And she continued: “She always threatened that Diego would not see his daughter anymore. My dad never abandoned me. She is a liar. My dad was always there my whole life. My family lived a nightmare with this womanwho not only lies but also there is a complaint of violence from my brother towards her”.

At that time, his former sister-in-law assured: “I am going to consult my lawyer because the only complaint of violence that there was from him against me was dismissed and it was a long time ago. It was a counter-complaint for the complaint that I made. You have to have proof of what you are saying because you are accusing me of a crime.”

However, Brey kept reading Sofia’s last message. “Almost all the neighbors told me about her violence, she told the whole family to stay away. I don’t see her daughter because the last time she jumped on my car and there is also a complaint of threats and extortion. My mother asked to please see her granddaughter and she prevented it, ”said the final message. But Flores replied: “The complaint of threats is archived due to lack of evidence, the witnesses did not exist and the only witness who came forward said that he did not know anything about the matter.”


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Sofía Zámolo’s fury after her ex-sister-in-law accuses her of evicting her: she interrupted a live mobile to respond