Solidarity and with a price of 400 euros: this is the perfume of Estefanía de Monaco

There are many celebrities who enter the world of cosmetics by launching a perfume with your name as a brand and claim. Only in our country can we mention very recent and well-known examples, such as Paula Echevarría, the singer Aitana or David bustamante, which went so far as to ensure that every 30 seconds a bottle from the very wide range on the market with his name was sold. Well, now it is a foreign celebrity who has wanted to join the list. We are talking about Estefanía de Monaco, who has created a new perfume with a solidarity objective.

The fragrance in question is called Princess of Heart (Princesse de Coeur) and has been created by the perfumer Laurent Mazzone, so, at the moment, it is only for sale through the website of the house LM Parfums, which presents it as follows: “An elixir refined that extracts its majestic aroma from the rose. Stained with iris and aldehydes, its sumptuous and velvety aura radiates as it unfolds. Beneath the tender opening, a woody undertone resonates: the dark and bewitching notes of patchouli. A sophisticated chypre facet dresses you with effortless movement, just like the perfect accessory would. A amber wood base anchors the fragrancewhile cashmere makes it melt on your skin. ”

The perfume of Estefanía de Monaco. (LM Parfums)

And, as we say, this new adventure by Estefanía de Monaco has solidarity overtones, since the princess has participated in its elaboration. to support his foundation, Fight Aids Monaco, which she created almost 20 years ago and of which she is president today. As explained on the sale website, all funds raised from the sale of the first 800 units will go to the foundation. A piece of information that surely encourages more than one to buy it and support the cause, the most important for which the daughter of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly works from her role as Princess of Monaco.

If at this point you have not been able to avoid curiosity and have already visited the perfumer’s website to take a look at the perfume, surely the price has not gone unnoticed. We assure you that it is fine, there is no missing comma and the figures you see are decimals. Effectively, a bottle Princess of Heart costs 395 euros, at the level of the great and iconic perfume houses and even much more expensive than some of the most iconic fragrances from the best-known brands. It is true that it does not reach the million euros it costs, for example, the Shumukh perfume, from The Spirit of Dubai, but neither is the bottle adorned with pearls and diamonds as is this case.

Princess Estefanía and perfumer Laurent Mazzone. (LM Parfums)

The funny thing is that It is not the first time that he gets into a similar adventure. The 80s were a more than prolific decade for the daughter of Prince Rainier, who had no choice but to resign himself to the ‘little royal’ interests of his young daughter. In these years she launched a perfume with her name, Stephanie, which is no longer found in stores, but can be found on second-hand portals for 200 euros. The difference is that that first perfume was not supportive, due to its foray into the world of fashion. Because, indeed, we also saw it in cover of publications such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Vanity Fair’, in addition to making his first steps in design: in 1984 he began to work with Marc Bohan, designer of the house Dior, and launched a swimwear line in 1986, under the name Pool Position.

Then came his musical adventure, which brought him great joys. His first single, ‘Irresistible’, from 1986, was a great success in both the French and English versions. And the same happened with the first album that he published, selling over a million and a half copies. The second no longer sold what he expected and the Estefanía phenomenon and the princess’s illusion for music deflated, giving way to other interests. Although he returned to record ‘In the closet’, with Michael Jackson, although he did not use his real name for the credits, and later another song for the benefit of Fight Aids Monaco, the same for which he has been involved in this new project so fragrant.

Princess Estefanía of Monaco, in a solidarity football match. (EFE)

At the moment, we can think of some names that surely do not hesitate to get hold of one of these perfumes and support the solidarity cause launched by Estefanía de Monaco. The first, that of Alberto de Monaco. It would be a very nice way to thank him for how much he is pouring out with his children during Charlène’s absence, just like him recognized in a recent interview. And the second, that of his daughter Pauline, since Estefanía has not hesitated to frequently wear the girl’s designs, becoming the best ambassador for her brand.

But we do not doubt that you do not need your family for this project to be successful. With the contacts and the name of Alberto de Monaco’s sister, it will surely not take long to sell those 800 bottles of Princess of Heart perfume that would represent more than 300,000 euros to benefit Fight Aids Monaco, the ‘pretty girl’ of Princess Estefanía.

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Solidarity and with a price of 400 euros: this is the perfume of Estefanía de Monaco