“Something in me knew that it was not right”: Zuria Vega spoke about how difficult it is to lose a baby

Between the interview that he had with the journalist, Zuria vega She relived the hard times she went through when, a few years ago, she suffered the loss of a baby with her husband Alberto Guerra.

Zuria and Alberto have been together through thick and thin

The actor couple married seven years ago. During this time they have enjoyed many pleasant moments together, but also sad anecdotes.

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Zuria confessed that before having her first daughter she had another pregnancy. Although she was very excited about the arrival of that baby, from the beginning she felt that something was not right.

“Alberto and I were looking to be parents and I got pregnant, but something in me knew that it was not right. I found out and told Alberto, but it was not yet time to tell someone, we only told my dad at that time, my mom, my in-laws, my brothers. After weeks we lost it ”.

Love helped Zuria Vega overcome the loss of her baby

After the sad moment Zuria vega visited some doctors who offered fertility treatments. Although she felt very sad, it was thanks to the support of her husband that she managed to get through the terrible episode.

“It hit me very hard, it has to do with this thing that we are not aware of or of course. Since we are little we bring this of ‘You are going to be a mother’ or if you are not a mother or lose a baby you are not worth enough and it is not true, but that is what you feel. I was 28 years old, then you go to see doctors who want to give you treatments. Thank God and Alberto, because there was a moment when he stopped me and said: ‘Stop, you are entering this place that you have always said that you will never fall, in this stress we are not going to have a child. It has been one of the times that I have hated Alberto the most, I could not understand. For me it was something like: ‘What are you doing to me? Why can’t I have a baby? ‘ (In the end) how good he did it that way, because I started doing castings. I knew my body was fine. “

Shortly after that experience, life smiled once again at Zuria and she received unexpected news that changed her.

“At four months we tried and I got pregnant. Lua She was born on January 11, the same date that I found out that I was pregnant with my other baby, obviously nobody noticed, just me ”.


The couple that make up Zuria and Alberto It is one of the strongest in the show and its story is like a story. They had several approaches, however, it was until a key moment in which Cupid shot them and from then on they have not separated.

“Before Alberto I was very new, I used to go out with my friends. I remember perfect, he is a friend of my brother, whenever I saw him nothing happened, just curious because he even went out with several of my friends at some point. I said, ‘What do you see in that Cuban?’

The actors began living together after two months of dating. Although many considered it to be too fast, only he and she know the deep love they have for each other; proof of this are the two children they have in common.

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“I saw him arrive at a wedding and I said ‘hello.’ We were together all night, but I left at 12:00, if I stayed there I wouldn’t go out. The next day he wrote to me because I took his tie, he had a detail that I liked, he wrote to me: ‘I can’t see you in two weeks because I’ll be with my daughter, but when that day comes I’ll give you a kiss,’ and that’s how it was. , he kissed me and I fell in love. Two months after leaving we went to live together ”, he concluded.

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“Something in me knew that it was not right”: Zuria Vega spoke about how difficult it is to lose a baby