Son of Jhonier Leal had to limit his social networks to avoid being attacked

In the image, Mauricio Leal, his mother, Marleny Hernández, and his brother, Jhonier Leal. Photo: Instagram Mauricio Leal
In the image, Mauricio Leal, his mother, Marleny Hernández, and his brother, Jhonier Leal. Photo: Instagram Mauricio Leal

Juan David Leal, son of the confessed murderer Jhonier Leal, had to restrict his accounts on social networks to avoid being attacked by those who judge the acts committed by his father. The young man, who only has 3,000 followers on Instagram and six publications, since January 19 had to limit the comments left by Internet users on the platform

In the photos published by the young man, messages are read in which they attack his father or point out that his family has a curse. Most messages compare what happened to the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

“Cain killed Abel: that will be your story”; “I hope you are not involved in this because you would not deserve anything, not for all the money in the world, a human being does something so atrocious”, are some of the messages left to the young man.

Likewise, and although they are few, they are able to read messages in defense of the young man. Some Instagram users assure that Juan David already has enough having to process the death of his uncle, the renowned stylist Mauricio Leal, and his grandmother Marleny Hernández, and what his father did to also take responsibility for what happened.

“Don’t write to him, it’s enough for him to know that his father was captured for murdering 2 people he loved, a very heavy burden must be carried by this child” – @Betelop_

“Those who comment to the pelao, is everything alright at home? The one that has to do”- @o011021

These reactions have grown stronger since yesterday afternoon (January 18), when Jhonier Leal accepted charges for murdering his mother and brother. For this act, he was charged with the crimes of homicide aggravated by kinship, by a state of defenselessness and cruelty, and by concealment, alteration or destruction of evidence.

The man apologized for having committed the crime and assured that he does not intend to commit a similar act in the future. He also clarified that he made the decision to accept charges after reviewing his rights and options.

“First of all I had the opportunity to speak with my lawyer and after being duly advised, I have made a super important and very personal decision, freely and voluntarily, to accept the charges through an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and I take the opportunity to make my statement of repentance asking forgiveness first of all to my family and my children, to the victims and to all of Colombia for the events that occurred”, said Jhonier.

The change of version would be related to the fact that Jhonier intends to achieve a reduction in his sentence. Due to the seriousness of these facts, he could face a sentence of 43 years in prison, which could be reduced by up to 50% for pleading guilty at the beginning of the process, however, the benefit is pending confirmation.

While the trial progresses and his sentence is determined, the 14th guarantee control judge ordered an insurance measure in a prison for Jhonier Leal, considering him a danger to society and to ensure that the judicial process runs smoothly. The confessed murderer will remain in the bunker of the Attorney General’s Office from this January 19 until the definitive place where he must serve his sentence is determined.

“The municipal criminal court 14 with function of control of guarantees agrees to the request of the Attorney General’s Office and, consequently, imposes a measure of deprivation of freedom of preventive detention in a detention facility against the citizen Jhonier Rodolfo Leal Hernandez,” the gown said.

It was clarified that the judge agreed to leave Jhonier in the prosecutor’s bunker and not send him to a prison center at the request of the case’s delegated prosecutor. This is a special situation considering the numbers of overcrowded prisons in the country.

The caveat is that this decision must be notified to the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec) and indicate that in the future the entity must assign the confessed murderer a permanent prison to serve his sentence.


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Son of Jhonier Leal had to limit his social networks to avoid being attacked