Son of Vicente Fernández, he confesses “it was a nightmare”


Even though it was inevitable, the match from Vicente Fernandez caused great commotion among his fans, especially in his family, one of his sons confessed that he had been all a nightmare.

After four months of intense struggle, so that the life of the Charro de Huentitán could continue among us, his fight did not have a happy ending, especially for his relatives who with all the pain in their hearts had to fire this woman. celebrity of regional Mexican music.

For Doña Cuquita, wife of Vicente Fernandez and mother of her children, it was an extremely painful departure and the same happened for her children.

It was Alejandro Fernandez who was accompanying his mother throughout the body vigil, was in charge of taking her by the arm and accompanying her during her official departure before her admirers and the public who adored him so much.

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The interpreter of “Me Dediqué a Perderte” was the one who assured that it had been a nightmare not only for him but also for the family, due to the entire process that they went through during these four months, since various procedures were being performed on the singer to to stay alive.


Vicente Fernández and his wife Doña Cuquita | Instagram

He also mentioned that his parents had been the ones who put the most enthusiasm into the process, he surely admires his parents for the strength they had, he also added that even though Don Vicente Fernandez I teach them to be strong, these types of situations are difficult to overcome.

During the entire process and the months that Don Chente was hospitalized, only the family was the one who was aware of the reality of his situation, something that undoubtedly had to be even more painful and complicated, due to the fact that he did not tell anyone.

The funeral of the singer who performed hits like “Por Tu Maldito Amor”, “Acá Entre Nos” and “A Mi Manera” took place at his famous ranch “The Three Foals“His children and wife once again realized the immense love that his audience felt for him.

This is because once the float advanced through the VFG Arena after being veiled, to go to its last resting place on his ranch, its fans had the opportunity to say goodbye to their idol known for his music and also for his movies.

As expected, great personalities accompanied the Fernández family during the vigil, among some of them the Aguilar family, Aida Cuevas and Jose Manuel Figueroa could not be absent.

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Son of Vicente Fernández, he confesses “it was a nightmare”