Sonya Cortés: “You have to be a good guy… to reach 60 years of age with this confidence”

Motivated, with a lot of self-love, and determined that nothing and no one disturb her peace.

Sonya Cortés embraces her 60th birthday with an attitude of celebration for life, focused on living without haste and with the feeling of professional freedom that she had not experienced before.

“I think 60 is the new 40 because I have to thank God that I reached 60 healthy, full of life. I feel good with Sonya, ”said the artist, who had her birthday on February 17, and reflected on the stage she is going through.

“These 60 caught me not depending on a job on the radio or on television, but being the businesswoman of my life,” she said. “I have the freedom to choose whether or not I want to be. Times have changed. One does not go for a girl, so open the doors to all these girls and burn their radio and television fever because I did it and I lived it. Now I am in a position, at 60, that I can choose. I don’t have the need to be suffering because they don’t call me from somewhere. There is no crying, but there is a lot of gratitude involved in relation to my professional career within the artistic environment”, added Sonya, who will present her stand up comedy as a prelude to the monologue I am KBN@by the Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado, on April 9 at the Center for Fine Arts in Caguas.

“I told myself ‘nothing takes away my peace’, and I’m not only talking about people, but also about situations. Situations that I breathe and breathe with difficulty, negative, out. If God has given me the joy of reaching 60 and feeling so good, I have to take care of Sonya as no one took care of her, because no one has taken care of me. I have taken care of everyone except me. If I reached 60, it is to love me, to love me and to take care of myself”.

To celebrate, on February 15 he traveled to Spain, where he visited Madrid and Barcelona for two weeks. “Each decade I have been fulfilling goals where I have wanted to reach every 10 years and arrive well. The 60s have not been the exception. I didn’t want to celebrate them at a birthday party. I wanted to celebrate them by traveling on a trip that would bring back memories when I was a dancer, when I arrived in Spain, when the boom of salsa, and I stay to live in Spain”.

In the early 1990s, what began as a one-month contract to work in the European country was extended for three years. Her experience led her to work primarily as a choreographer on various television shows, including Hotand in discos.

“Spain offered me opportunities that, if I didn’t take advantage of them at that time, I didn’t know if they were going to happen again,” he reviewed about the opportunity that came during his first marriage. “I tell him ‘husband, we are newlyweds and we need money’… I always provide a good life for everyone…”, she analyzed when sharing the memory. “We had no furniture. We slept in a mattress on the floor. I saw the opportunity at an economic level with very good pay in those times, ”he recalled. “I was doing well, sending the kids here.”

Eventually, one of the difficult decisions she made was divorce. “Between one thing or another, of course I abandoned my marriage, but at the same time I was chasing my goals and dreams, that no marriage was going to give me, nor my parents, that I come from a humble family. I do not regret anything, “he stressed about the official separation that occurred about five years of marriage. This leads her to reflect on how she has repeated patterns in her love life, including carrying the financial burden in the relationship “in most of my cases.” In this sense, she confessed to having a change of mentality. “Now, for me everything, very selfish. I travel, I pay for my trip. Before, I carried everyone, ‘let’s go’, everyone from my pocket. Not now”.

The presenter of I know everything (WapaTV), who in 2015 divorced Ediel Varela, after just over five years of marriage, continued his reflection on some of his past decisions. “Nobody sends me to be falling in love with little kids too. I am no longer cougar. I’m already going for three years that I left the head… that I liked the kids. I look at them, my mouth is watering, but I don’t do it anymore approach with what can be almost a grandson”.

In the process, she revealed what she is not willing to tolerate in a new opportunity in love. “No one’s insecurities. Let each one deal with his own. The insecurities of couples lead you to please someone else so much to make someone else happy, that you stay halfway looking back and asking yourself ‘who am I? . I’m not going to deal with insecurities,” she said, emphasizing that, although she currently has no partner, “I’m still in love with love.”

with more tattoos

As part of his approach to turning 60, he added two tattoos to the nine he already sported. One of them is about an eagle in reference to the metamorphosis that this bird experiences at the age of 40, when it has to decide between letting itself die or renewing itself to live several more decades. “I love his process, which is spectacular, and the ability he has to defend himself from his enemies by flying high,” she stressed. The other features a woman with a hat and a glass of wine. “It’s me,” she specified, and she confessed that it is in memory of “my titi Luz, may she rest in peace, the sister of motherwho died in October and we suffered a lot”.

Cutting off his mane was also part of his transformation. “There was a lot of load in my head, many pleasant experiences and other unpleasant ones and I wanted to feel free,” she confessed, and expressed that for now she does not have any cosmetic surgery in mind. “As long as Botox exists, I dab on it here and there.”

Continuing to enjoy as much as possible the company of her mother, Gloria González, who is 95 years old, continues to be a priority. “She has been in poor health, but she is an oak”, she proudly maintained about whom she affectionately calls “mother”. “We talk everything. She is my confidante and my best friend. She knows all about me, the good and not so good.”

“A meeting for hysteria”

Expressing various experiences throughout his life with humor is part of what he will present in his stand up comedy.

“It is not the first time that I am in a piece that the word cab… is involved. It is incredible how this word haunts me, that is, we are like first cousins, ”she said with a laugh, remembering when in 2008 she was part of the staging Why do men love bitches?based on the book by Sherry Argov.

“I am going to base myself on how I am, in my reality”, he advanced about his presentation prior to the monologue of the former beauty queen, an adaptation of the original piece by Enrique Salas. “You have to be a good guy… for you to reach 60 with this security, without any frustrations in relation to love, with everything and the stab wounds. Reaching 60 when you lost a tooth on television and you took out a perfume called Bombón because it occurred to you to say that a chocolate had fallen out of your mouth, ”he said, remembering when a dental sheet came off in 2017 during his speech in I know everything.

“I am going to write as a guide but I know that I can go in and out of that guide as I please”, he emphasized, and valued the opportunity to be in a project with the former beauty queen.

“Being with this woman is going to be extremely explosive,” he anticipated with enthusiasm. “He is going to be a hysteria junkie,” she assured. “I don’t know that woman personally, but who doesn’t know who Alicia Machado is? I know that she is a super strong woman just like me, brave, transparent, who says things up front, and I like that about her a lot, ”she stressed, and mentioned that they would soon meet by video call.

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Sonya Cortés: “You have to be a good guy… to reach 60 years of age with this confidence”