‘Spider’, ‘Oritrón’ and ‘Luján’: Rain of memes in the networks after the delirious comments of a Spanish presenter about vaccines


Dec 30, 2021 19:06 GMT

During a live connection on Instagram, Paz Padilla announced that she had been infected for the second time and was entangled when talking about immunization.

The Spanish comedian, actress and presenter Paz Padilla has revolutionized social networks after getting a mess talking about vaccines and confusing several words in a live connection on Instagram.

During the talk with the presenter Anne Igartiburu and the singer María del Monte, Padilla announced that he had been infected with coronavirus for the second time.

“Do you have both vaccinations?” Maria del Monte asks him. And there begins the entanglement of Padilla.

“But it doesn’t matter. Vaccines are useless. The vaccine It is a protein that they put ‘the spider’ in you, which is the protein where the virus enters. But of course, the vaccine is that of the ‘Luján’ bug and the bug has mutated and now we have the ‘oritrón’“he explained.

Padilla thus confused the omicron variant for ‘oritrón’, the Chinese city of Wuhan – the first place where the coronavirus was detected – for ‘Luján’ and the spicule protein, known in English as ‘spike protein’, for ‘the spider’ .

“Now the bug is like it no longer enters through the door and enters through the window. Of course they put the ‘spider’ in you, which is the one from the window, the door, and it no longer works against the window. many vaccinations you get, two or three, the virus already enters from the other side, thereby infecting you, “he continued.

Many people on social media have considered Padilla’s exposure dangerous because of lead to misinformation.

The presenter ignores relevant data such as those of the World Health Organization (WHO) office in Europe and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the EU (ECDC), which indicated that until November almost 90,000 people over 60 years of age saved their lives in Spain thanks to immunization.

In addition, despite reporting the highest number of infections in the entire pandemic – more than 100,000 cases – hospital pressure is well below other waves. In intensive care (ICU) the occupancy is 19.1% and 8.5% in the ward.

During the already controversial talk, Igartiburu tries to channel the conversation, but Padilla continues: “The good thing they say is that in Africa so many people have been infected and so many people are already immunized that there are very few people already with covid. It is thought that this will be it. already the end of the covid “.

This last comment was rated by Helena Maleno, a well-known “racist and classist” human rights activist from Spain.


The networks very soon have been filled with memes about the presenter’s speech.

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‘Spider’, ‘Oritrón’ and ‘Luján’: Rain of memes in the networks after the delirious comments of a Spanish presenter about vaccines