Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner would not have married in Argentina

The photo that Ricardo Montaner shared after his son’s wedding. Photo: Instagram @montaner

On January 10, Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner celebrated their love with an exclusive wedding made in a stay in Exaltación de la Cruz, in Buenos Aires. The event had important celebrities as guests, luxurious details and it was a party that no one wanted to miss. However, a strong rumor indicates that the couple would not have been legally married and what was carried out was just a mere informal celebration. The renowned lawyer Ana Rosenfeld revealed the possible reason for this decision.

“If Mrs. Roitman and Mr. Montaner they were not civilly married here, it is because what they probably want to do is not a property separation agreement but what we know worldwide as prenuptial agreement”, pointed out the lawyer, by way of hypothesis, in dialogue with information in the afternoon (LN+).

Likewise, Rosenfeld explained that currently in Argentina after the reform of the Civil Code carried out in 2015, there is the so-called ‘separation agreement’. This measure is totally different from the popular prenuptial contract, which is not available in our country. However, it is frequently carried out among celebrities and wealthy people in the United States and Europe, in order to protect personal assets.

“A prenuptial contract is when it is established that for being unfaithful, so much compensation will be paid for each year of marriage and for each child. That is, certain forecasts are made”, explained the lawyer. Regarding the measure that is in force in our country, he added: “The separation of assets it is very punctual, what we have, what we don’t have and what we are going to manage freely. If we are going to make reciprocal donations and if we have debts, it should be explained how they are going to be paid

Regarding the possible reasons why this contract is decided, Rosenfeld said: “It is not only carried out when one of the parties has more money than the other, but it may happen that he has a lot of money before getting married. Also because they went through a divorce process and they don’t want to go through that again.”

For the moment, Stefy Roitman and Ricky Montaner They did not express themselves before the rumors that indicate that they are not legally married. They are currently on their honeymoon. and then both will return to Miami, where they reside. It is estimated that it will be in that city where the civil union will finally take place, since the famous prenuptial contract is allowed. This judicial measure would be carried out as a tradition in the family of the musicians, since their patrimony would be very high.

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Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner would not have married in Argentina