Succession in Buckingham: the exclusion of Meghan, Harry and Andrés complicates the replacement of Elizabeth II

  • Carlos, Guillermo and Kate will assume the main roles, but other members will have to participate as well or the 2,000 annual events that the Windsors attend will have to be cut.

Yes Isabel II continues on the throne on May 27, 2024 will have surpassed the very Louis XIV of Francia as the longest-reigning monarch in history. The Sun King was 76 years old when he died and had reached 72 years of reign. The tenant of the Palace of Versailles counted at the time of the accession to the throne 4 years; the queen of England, 25. The monarch at 98 years of age, he will reach the last record missing from his mandate. The British are betting that it will. She is already part of the essence of the country, a reassuring and unquestionable figure. Nostalgia for the past in which the monarchy is anchored contributes to the enviable popularity which he enjoys. She is the last sentimental connection to the greatness of a distant, dangerously idealized imperial past.

Since her retirement at Windsor, the Queen has continued to lead the essential tasks of the Crown and the State. His current public engagements are for now reduced to virtual audiences. The news in recent weeks of health problems, with a hospital check-up and the obligation to rest ordered by the doctors, are the warnings of an inevitable decline, with limitations that the interested party accepts reluctantly.

Isabel II is spending the weekend Sandringham supervising the Christmas preparations, a tradition that he will not renounce. The thing about staying home and ask for sick leave it is not part of his character. Before the pandemic in 2019, the queen, despite her age, participated in 295 acts following his own slogan that “It needs to be seen for them to believe in it & rdquor ;, as he once said. That physical presence is part of the ‘magic’ of the monarchy. Add to that a sense of duty that no one has ever questioned.

The excluded

The future succession has been forging behind closed doors while the sovereign’s agenda has been lightening. Appointments and engagements are on the rise, but the number of members with official duties in the royal family has dropped considerably, part of a reform that Prince Charles supports. It will be him, along with Guillermo and his wife Kate, who will assume the main roles, but other members will have to participate as well or some of the 2,000 annual events will have to be cut to which the royal family go. Certain plans aiming at the design of the institution in the 21st century have been thwarted by the exit from the scene of the protagonists who were part of the cast. Buckingham Palace is going to have to look for backup.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who had teamed up with William and Kate to take over in representation and philanthropy, have left the project, the country and the royal family

On Christmas Day 2017 a photo of the Dukes of Cambridge with Prince Harry and Meghan, who was then his fiancée. They were at Sandringham and walked together, in apparent good harmony, taking the traditional walk to church on that date. A headline in the press dubbed them ‘The Magnificent Four’, ‘The Fab Four’, with a wink in memory of the Beatles.

The monarchical believers saw in the image the youth and the renewal of the Crown. Two months later both couples started a common project, The Royal Foundation, grouping the charitable causes to which they were going to dedicate part of their efforts. The new generation assumed more functions and took over certain tasks. They even made trips abroad in the name of the Crown, which the sovereign no longer undertakes. A year later the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the project, the country and the royal family.

Andrés, exiled and hidden

While that traumatic rupture took place and unleashed the worst crisis since the death of Diana of Wales, Prince Andrew’s situation with the American justice was becoming more and more entangled. The Duke of York lives in exile, hidden in the walled residences of the Windsors. In New York he is quite possibly facing next fall a civil process, to answer of Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse allegations when I was 17, as part of the scandal of the Epstein case. The one who is considered the favorite son of the queen has been definitively removed from all the official functions of the Crown.

The Duke of York still has to answer for the allegations of sexual abuse of Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 years old, as part of the Epstein scandal

The constitutional mechanisms in case of incapacity of the monarch also suffer with these unexpected absences. Of the four members of the royal family who are part of the Council of State, the body in charge of temporarily assuming most of the tasks of the Head of State, Prince Andrew and Prince Henry have been excluded. Although it only takes two Counselors to act in case of disability, the income of another member of the family would be considered, such as Camilla Parker Bowles.

Camilla’s leading role

The possibility of giving the Duchess of Cornwall a more prominent role in the official life of the royal family is part of the current discussions according to some British press. The speculation gained traction after a recent speech by Camila just a few days ago against the permissiveness and normalization of sexual violence against women.

With the losses of Harry and Andrés, it is being considered to include Camilla in the Council of State, the body in charge of temporarily assuming most of the tasks of the Head of State

His words found an echo and resonance in sectors of society often indifferent to the speeches of the ‘royals’. The public presence of who one day will become the consort of the king is increasingly common. His has been a slow and measured transition, from the days when, as the prince’s lover, and especially after the death of Diana of Wales, she became the most detested woman in the country. Camila not only married the heir to the throne in 2005, but has gradually increased her role in the acts of the Crown.

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Future queen or princess?

Elizabeth II, who for many years had forbidden her presence anywhere she attended, has ended up accepting her long ago. The queen could include her as a new member of the Council of State, something that will happen anyway when Carlos becomes king. At that time Camilla will receive a new title, not yet clearly specified. At the time of their marriage, when the hostility of society towards the couple was very high, it was clarified, trying to appease the spirits, that the Duchess would become “Princess Consort & rdquor ;. Clarence House insists there is no change on that matter. The Constitutional experts however explain that Camila will automatically become queen consort when Carlos reaches the throne. Changing that would require changing the law, a complicated process that would set a precedent. If it were to be done, it could reverberate on the Duchess of Cambridge, when Guillermo succeeds his father.

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Succession in Buckingham: the exclusion of Meghan, Harry and Andrés complicates the replacement of Elizabeth II