Summary of Peru 3-0 Bolivia: relive the incidents, goals and everything that left the qualifying match

in one of his best matches in the . The ‘Bicolor’ complied with the rules of the ‘3G’: they won, thrashed and liked in the match played at the National Stadium in Lima in order to reinsert themselves in the fight for a place in the World Cup.

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Ricardo Gareca’s team had a dreamy initial stage. From the first minutes, Peru put their foot on the accelerator and this was noticed with a goal disallowed by Gianluca Lapadula. However, the .

The high level of the Peruvian individuals allowed us to see a solid team both defensively and offensively. And, within the group, Lapadula, Cueva and Tapia stood out in the last meters of the rival area, with different goal arrivals. It was so .

A self-absorbed Peru managed to sentence the game before going to rest, after , which sealed the local victory. Despite the insistence in the second half, the ‘Bicolor’ failed to increase the score in part thanks to the precision of goalkeeper Carlos Lampe.

Thus, Peru achieves an important emotional injection by reaching 14 points and climbs to seventh place in the Qatar 2022 Qualifying table, remaining just two points from fourth place (Chile, Colombia and Uruguay are tied with 16). Meanwhile, Bolivia falls to ninth place with 12 units.

On the next date, the Peruvian team will visit Venezuela in a decisive duel if it wants to get into the qualifying zone in the Qualifiers. For his part, he will receive Uruguay at the height of La Paz.

Relive below all the details and goals of Peru vs Bolivia, for matchday 13 of the Qualifiers.

Sergio Peña’s goal for Peru vs Bolivia 3-0

Sergio Peña scores 3-0 against Bolivia | Source: Public TV
Sergio Peña scores 3-0 against Bolivia | Source: Public TV

Christian Cueva’s goal for Peru 2-0 vs Bolivia

Cueva's goal for Peru's 2-0 vs. Bolivia for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. (Source: Latina Television)
Cueva’s goal for Peru’s 2-0 vs. Bolivia for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. (Source: Latina Television)

Lapadula goal for Peru 1-0 vs Bolivia

Gianluca Lapdula scores his first goal in Qualifying (Video: Latina)
Gianluca Lapdula scores his first goal in Qualifying (Video: Latina)

Peru vs Bolivia LIVE minute by minute

Follow the minute-by-minute transmission of Peru vs Bolivia at the National Stadium live from 9 pm for matchday 13 of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers through Movistar Deportes.


91 ′ Bolivian header that almost ends in discount.

90 ′ Add three minutes of extra time.

84 ′ Shot by Raziel García that goes over the goal.

79 ′ Changes in Peru: Cueva and Peña leave, by Raziel García and Calcaterra.

78 ′ Change in Bolivia: Marcelo Martins was substituted on the field.

76 ′ Renato Tapia finished off with the right from outside the area that goes high and deflected to the right.

73 ′ Change in Bolivia, Fernando Saucedo enters the field replacing Franz Gonzales.



68 ′ Change in Peru: Lapadula leaves and Farfán enters.

65 ′ Ramos wins head, but Martins removes the danger in his area and clears.

63 ′ André Carrillo’s shot in the area and the ball collides with an opposing player. Corner for Peru.

62 ′ Marcelo Martins tried to turn around in the Peruvian area, but Ramos intercepted the ball.

60 ′ Pedro Gallese contains a Bolivian shot without problems.

56 ′ Cave shot in the area but the ball hits an opposing player.

55 ′ Center of Advíncula and Lampe anticipates Advíncula in the area to avoid a new fall of his bow.

52 ′ Shot by Lapadula and Lampe takes out with his feet. It was close to 4-0.

50 ′ Yellow for Trauco after a hard foul against Gonzales.

49 ′ Advanced position of Marcelo Martins.

46 ′ Callens left and Luis Abram entered Peru.

45 ′ The complementary stage began!


45 ′ Add two more minutes of extra time.

44 ′ Lapadula tries a chalaca in the area but cannot connect.

40 ′ Conato of anger between the players of Bolivia and Peru for a stomp on Ramos.


39 ′ Powerful shot by Sergio Peña from outside the area and makes it 3-0.

36 ′ Juan Arce (Bolivia) has received a foul in the defensive zone.

32 ′ For his celebration, Christian Cueva was booked with yellow. In addition, DT Farías criticized the Peruvian player.


31 ′ Good center to the Bolivian area and Christian Cueva connects a front for the 2-0.

29 ′ The Peruvian striker rejoins after a brief moment of being treated.


28 ′ Bolivian player put his elbow to Lapadula when fighting an aerial ball and it fell badly.

26 ′ Carrillo pass to Advíncula in the area, but the Bolivian defense manages to clear the ball.

23 ′ Bejarano’s foul against ‘Canchita’ Gonzales. Set piece for Peru.

20 ′ Jairo Quinteros (Bolivia) has received a foul in the defensive zone.

17 ′ Center of Trauco, but Lampe intercepts the ball without problems.

15 ′ Jairo Quinteros (Bolivia) wins a free kick on the right wing.

14 ′ Lapadula taco attempt in the Bolivian area. The ball was deflected.

11 ′ Luis Advíncula finished off with the left from outside the area. Assisted by Sergio Peña.


9 ′ Gianluca Lapadula finished off with his left from very close to the center of the goal. It puts the 1-0 for the ‘Bicolor’.


7 ′ Carrillo’s play in the area, Lampe reacts and Lapadula scores 1-0. However, the goal is disallowed.

3 ′ Center of Carrillo to the Bolivian area and Bejarano sends the ball to the corner for Peru.

2 ′ Bolivian corner, but the Peruvian defense manages to clear correctly.

1 ′ Offside for Peru. Bolivia has a set pieces quickly.

0 ′ The match between Peru and Bolivia started at the National Stadium!

– The hymns of Peru and Bolivia sound. Everything ready for the start of the game.

– The teams come out to perform the rigorous warm-up.

– The confirmed lineups of both Peru and Bolivia were announced.

Peru vs Bolivia: confirmed lineups

XI Peru: Gallese, Advíncula, Ramos, Callens, Trauco, Peña, Tapia, Gonzales, Cueva, Lapadula and Carrillo.

XI Bolivia: Lampe; Enoumba, Quinteros, Sagredo; Bejarano, Villarroel, Justiniano, Gonzáles, Vaca; Maple, Martins.

Peru vs Bolivia: PREVIEW

La Blanquirroja has little margin for error until the close of the Qualifiers. In that sense, the team headed by Ricardo Gareca can only win (even more so playing at home) to continue dreaming of the next World Cup.

La Bicolor will enter this day with 11 points and in ninth place. In October, the national team beat Chile (2-0) in Lima, but stumbled away against Bolivia in La Paz and Argentina in Buenos Aires. Both games ended 1-0 against the national team.

For this commitment, the ‘Tigre’ Gareca will once again have André Carrillo available. The forward suffered a back injury and was unable to add minutes last month. Now, fully recovered, the ‘Culebra’ leaves with options to be a starter.

Casualties and news of Peru vs Bolivia

The Peruvian team will present different important absences such as Yoshimar Yotún (he will be against Venezuela), Paolo Guerrero or Edison Flores.

To replace the Cruz Azul player and, incidentally, replace the ‘touched’ Pedro Aquino, the Argentine DT will rely on Renato Tapia, Christofer Gonzales and Sergio Peña to find balance. Later, Christian Cueva and Gianluca Lapadula will be the offensive men.

For its part, Bolivia is seventh with 12 points and wants to win in Lima to get closer to the playoffs. For this contest, the coach César Farías will take advantage of the good form of Marcelo Martins, scorer of the national team tournament with eight conquests.

However, the Venezuelan strategist will not have attacker Rodrigo Ramallo suspended. Nor will Fernando Saucedo be considered a midfielder and there are doubts about the participation of forward Carmelo Algarañaz.

What time do Peru vs. Bolivia for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

  • Mexico – 8:00 pm
  • Peru – 9:00 pm
  • Colombia – 9:00 pm
  • Ecuador – 9:00 pm
  • Venezuela – 10:00 pm
  • Bolivia – 10:00 pm
  • Argentina – 11:00 pm
  • Chile – 11:00 pm
  • Paraguay – 11:00 pm
  • Uruguay – 11:00 pm
  • Brazil – 11:00 pm
  • Spain – 3:00 am (Friday, November 12)

How to see Peru vs. Bolivia for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

Movistar Deportes and Latina Televisión are the signals enabled to watch the Qatar 2022 Qualifying match. Below we give you more details to watch it on Movistar.

How to watch Movistar Deportes LIVE Peru vs Bolivia of Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

Peru vs. Bolivia you will be able to appreciate it in Movistar Deportes LIVE in the channel 3 and in 703 (HD). Before the match you can enjoy a preview and, after the match, there will be interviews and comments.

How to download Movistar Deportes LIVE to watch Peru vs Bolivia?

In order to appreciate Movistar Deportes LIVE and thus enjoy the Peru vs Bolivia You must download the Movistar Play application from the store and create a user. This is valid only for Movistar Play Full users (Movistar TV clients).

Peru vs. Bolivia: possible alignments

Peru: Pedro Gallese – Luis Advíncula, Christian Ramos, Alexander Callens, Miguel Trauco – Renato Tapia, Christofer Gonzales, Sergio Peña, Christian Cueva, André Carrillo – Gianluca Lapadula.

Bolivia: Carlos Lampe – Diego Bejarano, Marc Enoumbá, Jairo Quinteros, Moisés Villarroel, José Sagredo – Leonel Justiniano, Franz González, Ramiro Vaca, Juan Carlos Arce – Marcelo Martins.

Where do Peru vs. Bolivia for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

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Summary of Peru 3-0 Bolivia: relive the incidents, goals and everything that left the qualifying match