Surprise to end 2021! Federico and Mary from Denmark expand the family

This Christmas is going to be a little more special if possible in the Amalienborg Palace and surely a little more bustling too. The Danish royal family expands the family e incorporates two new members to the clan, who are very hairy. They are two beautiful puppies that his dog, Grace, has had and that have filled the royal clan with joy. Federico and Mary They have presented them as they deserve, with a beautiful photo next to the tree and this message: “Here, on the fourth Sunday of Advent, we would like to introduce two new residents to our home. Just over six weeks ago, Grace became the mother of two cubs beautiful to the great joy of all of us ”.

Very happy news that comes shortly after the crown princess will announce that she has contracted covid and that she will have to remain isolated in her residence as announced in an official statement. Fortunately, neither her children nor her husband have been infected, as they have confirmed: “No infection has been found in other members of the family. In relation to the test response, the Royal Household receives advice from the Danish Patient Safety Agency regarding the detection of infections. The crown princess remains in solitary confinement until it is safe to break out of solitary confinement again in accordance with applicable guidelines. ”

This setback comes at a particularly difficult time, with the celebration of Christmas Eve just around the corner. It is hoped that a perceptive negative PCR test will eventually allow Mary dine that night with her loved ones. Otherwise, the plans would be truncated and the celebrations roadmap would have to be changed. Several possibilities would open up for the family. The first would be that, since the princess cannot have contact with anyone until she tests negative, Prince Frederick of Denmark and his four children, Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, travel to the Marselisborg castle, in the town of Aarhus, to dine in the company of Queen Margaret. The second is that the family does not want to leave the patient alone on these dates and everyone remains in Amalienborg, even if they cannot sit at the same table. Everything will depend on the evolution of the disease, but without a doubt it is a major setback for them.

Meanwhile and waiting for the miracle to work and the princess to overcome the covid in time, the children of the heir couple enjoy the Christmas preparations with the new members of their dog family. It’s been four years since arrived at Grace Palace, the beautiful Border Collie who has now been a mother and who came to replace Ziggy, the family dog ​​who passed away in April 2017 leaving their owners desolate. It had been a wedding gift and her passing was a serious blow after more than a decade of memories and adventures.

Thus they announced then their departure: “Ziggy was a faithful and loving dog, who unfortunately suffered from chronic kidney failure and osteoarthritis. Despite this, his quality of life was elevated until the last moment ”. To make up for their absence, that same summer they incorporated Grace into the family and now she has given them the best gift from Santa Claus in advance. Two cubs running through the corridors of the palace!

On the other hand, these days, in addition to the images of the puppies, the Danish royal family has shared nice photos of the traditional digital Christmas calendar with a fairy tale about Queen Margaret’s handcrafted elves. This year, the story centers on an adventurous journey through the Danish royal line, where elves, accompanied by a Christmas angel, come across the footprints that Danish kings and queens have left for over 1,000 years.

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Surprise to end 2021! Federico and Mary from Denmark expand the family