Susana Pérez reveals that Fidel Castro wanted to be with her on a yacht

The popular Cuban actress Susana Perez revealed that the late dictator Fidel Castro he wanted to be with her and invited her through a third person to have an intimate date on a yacht.

“There is a character that everyone knows, and he is now stuck in a stone, which tried to have something with meWhat happens is that I didn’t want to. I told him no because, moreover, he did everything through another person (…) and I like that men call me directly,” Susana confessed.

The actress said that she is not worried about whether or not they believe the anecdote, but she assures that it happened just as she tells it in the interview with her son Roberto San Martín and the photographer Alicia Barrera on the YouTube channel The perez family.

She narrated that a person called her and told her that Fidel Castro He wanted to invite her to a reception, on a yacht, that would take place within the framework of a Film Festival, although he did not specify in what year this request for an appointment took place.

The interview began by asking the artist if she had ever had a relationship with the announcer Raphael Serrano, something that Susana assured that it never happened and will never happen. “Never in my life has that mustache touched my lips.“, he sentenced between laughs.

Robert San Martin confirmed that he knew the story of Fidel Castro’s intimate invitation addressed to Susana Pérez to participate in a reception on a yacht. He indicated that it is not a joke of the artist and that it is a real anecdote.

The actor and presenter commented that the actress has just premiered the play “Broken Eggs” in Miami, along with the actors Alberto Pujol and Carlos Acosta Milian. It is a comedy show and will be on the bill until February at Micro Teatro Miami.

The actress said the rapper was at the show the funky and that he had the opportunity to talk with him about the situation of politically imprisoned artists in Cuba such as Maykel Osorbo Y Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, both with a delicate state of health in prisons on the island.

Susana is openly opposed to the Cuban government and has raised her voice to denounce the arbitrariness of the regime on multiple occasions.

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