Talina Fernández and Ana Bárbara, the other mothers that Mariana Levy’s son is grateful to have had

Unlike his sisters, María and Paula, who made a dramatic display of dislocation in their adolescence, José Emilio Fernández Levy, the only son of the tragic and well-remembered actress Mariana Levy, who was just over a year old when his mother died — he was born on July 7, 2004 and Mariana died of a heart attack on public roads after a threatened assault on April 29, 2005 — he has always shown himself to be a sensible and focused boy.

José Emilio rarely gives the note, except for tender things like the very affectionate message he sent for his birthday to Ana Barbara, who, after being married to her father (the volatile stepson of the eminent Jacqueline Andere), has served for all uses and reasons as her mother.

Although José Emilio knows perfectly well who his mother is, he was so young at the time of her death that he does not actually remember her alive, but he has grown up with a very clear image of who she was and what she represented to many people, something that her maternal grandmother, Talina Fernandez —’The lady of good saying’— has taken care that none of the three loses sight, and that is why it can be said that in addition to his extinct natural mother, the boy has two other mothers who have seen for his upbringing and future .

Now that he is approaching the age of majority, José Emilio has transcended because he is, apparently, finding his place in the world, without the need for the scandals that his older sister María -daughter of Mariana and Ariel López Padilla, who was 9 years old when the tragedy occurred—, who even quarreled with her grandmother and her friends like Tina Galindo and Daniela Romo over money, although she later fell into her tantrum, matured suddenly and now is a model more or less famous and an ‘influencer’.

Paula, for her part, who was three years old when her mother died, gave the note for posting videos in which the drama was given only because her father and grandmother had tried to discipline her and she quickly appealed to public opinion to say that Poor little girl, she couldn’t sleep, she better already wanted to die, because she had nowhere to go —but she didn’t want to follow rules, study or stop smoking marijuana either.

This attempt by Paula to pity others went wrong, she was heavily criticized for being ungrateful to her grandmother who opened the doors of her house to her during the pandemic and finally, scolded by half of humanity and without many options, she had to put herself in order. This leaves José Emilio as, of the three, the one who has come out the best in life, even now that he had an estrangement (the causes of which are unknown, but it is speculated that it is not his fault) with ‘Pirru’, who has left of course all his life, that he is a bird of account and an unresponsible father, despite whoever regrets it, the boy has not fallen into the drama and the scourge.

According to the interview the boy gave to ‘Ventaneando’, “Really [Ana Bárbara] She has fulfilled the role of mom since I was 11, 12 months old, until I was five years old, she was there for me. And to this day it continues to do so. That is something to admire. He could have said ‘goodbye, I divorced Pirru and I’m leaving you’, but no. He keeps inviting us to Los Angeles [donde la grupera vive]. When he comes to concerts here in Mexico he says ‘come with me, stay with me. How can I help you?’. Whatever I need, she’s always there for me, with a call or whatever, she’s always there for me.”

This speaks well of the singer-songwriter and Talina; although at the beginning of the relationship between the interpreter of ‘La trap’ and the widower of the actress, the treatment between them was rough (and of course: Mariana was not even six months dead when he was already going to live with the singer ), became cordial to the point that both have always seen for the well-being of Mariana’s three children.

“[Ana Bárbara] has always been totally loving with my grandchildren, unconditionally, even after [divorciarse de] his father. You don’t pay for that with anything,” Talina declared at the time, when asked in ‘Sale el sol’ if she had any objection to her grandchildren seeing the grupera performer as a mother. “And when José Emilio was a baby, you don’t know how much love took care of him. My grandchildren know perfectly well who their mommy was and how much she loved them, but since she is in heaven, what do you want? She can only take care of them from there, and if she [Ana] she found so much love in her heart, I can’t be more than grateful, because she perfectly could have said, ‘I don’t want other people’s children’ and she has always been in charge of reminding them that, although they have a mother, in her they have something as valuable as that; She is a friend and protector of my grandchildren. And that is truly a blessing.”

José Emilio currently lives with his grandmother and María in the house that belonged to his mother. He continues his studies and intends to be an actor, to continue his mother’s legacy and is the example that, even when fate dealt him a cruel hand as a baby, the love of these two women has made him a man with his feet on the ground and full of future.


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Talina Fernández and Ana Bárbara, the other mothers that Mariana Levy’s son is grateful to have had