Talina Fernández is finally seen with her boyfriend: the photo was shared by her granddaughter María Levy

Talina Fernandez appeared very in love in a photograph that his granddaughter, María Levy, shared on social networks. This would be the first time that the driver is seen with her boyfriend José Manuel Fernández, 80 years oldwith whom he has had a romantic relationship for four months.

Through her Instagram stories, the eldest daughter of the deceased Mariana Levy revealed the identity of her grandmother’s heartthrob. In one of her photographs, she is seen Talina Fernández, 77, kissing her partner on the cheek.

“I? Dying of love”, Wrote the model on the image in which she is seen living romantically with her boyfriend.

In another of the stories, José Manuel is seen squeezing the arm of ‘La dama del bien dice’ and pointing to the hand with which he is holding a cigarette. In that photograph, María wrote: “My awela with a new boyfriend.”

María Levy has witnessed the romance of her grandmother Talina Fernández

María Levy, who in March celebrated her 26th birthday in the United Kingdom, has been an accomplice in the presenter’s new relationship. Talina said that her love surprised her when she went to do some shopping at the supermarket for the 2021 year-end dinner, in the company of the daughter that Mariana Levy had with Ariel López Padilla. In that place she met the niece of her now boyfriend, who introduced her to José Manuel.

“I was going on December 31 with my granddaughter María to buy the ingredients for dinner and cart by cart, a divine blonde, who I now know is called Mónica, tells me: ‘I have an uncle who wants to be with you.’ (I replied) ‘Don’t tell me! And what is her name? ‘ José Manuel, I no longer say the last name, so I tell him: ‘Well, I’ll invite you to have a coffee on Monday,’ “said the host on the program ‘Sale el sol’ on January 18.

Who is José Manuel Fernández, Talina Fernández’s boyfriend?

On January 25, Talina Fernández gave more details of her courtship, in an interview with the magazine TvNotas. She there she mentioned that she was living her romance with great intensity and she said that José Manuel Fernández conquered her with his “little green eyes”, as well as for her chivalry and good conversation.

“José is from my time, we have the same memories, the same taste in music, he is very cool,” he mentioned.

As for who is the man she fell in love with at first sight, she mentioned that he was a widower, but he remarried and is divorced. Furthermore, he revealed that he currently works with one of his sons in a company related to water treatment.

He also pointed out that their families agree on the relationship and that their children and grandchildren already live with him.

“Everyone is very happy because they see that he is a respectable person, and they see me happy,” he added.

Regarding getting married or living together, he said that it is not yet in his plans: “it is better that way, everyone at home.”

Talina Fernández’s third marriage was with the politician Alejandro Carrillo Castro and since 2015 she had not had an affair. In September 2020, during a visit she made to the show ‘Montse and Joe’, she admitted that she would like to have a boyfriend and that she missed someone holding her hand, taking her to the movies, telling her stories and writing her letters. .


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Talina Fernández is finally seen with her boyfriend: the photo was shared by her granddaughter María Levy