Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and gives us faith in love

Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and gives us faith in loveas it confirms that it is never too late to get excited, to have the best company and to write a new chapter of happiness.

With aan impressive career in the media that earned her the title of “The lady of good saying”a huge heart that not only welcomed his children and grandchildren but also several friends, Talina Fernandez He has become a unique figure within the media and Mexican entertainment.

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It was this week when Talina Fernández introduced her boyfriend, José Manuel Fernándezwho after four months of relationship gave him a love promise ring, moving all the followers of the “lady of good saying” and has won over his loved ones.

Talina Fernández was delighted to have a life partner who was from his time and with whom he could talk about everything. For its part, José Manuel Fernández stressed that he had known her forty years but that the romance had occurred until now because he barely paid attention to it.

Talina Fernández revealed that they lived together from Thursday to Sunday and that it felt very good to be with someone who told her the truth, who was not going to deceive her, who was respectful and who shared the same manners as her, who was fine, decent and polite. The “lady of the good saying” stressed that her children and grandchildren were happy with this relationship.

Talina Fernández celebrates the love of Ana Bárbara with her grandchildren

The topic that also gave us something to talk about this week was the happy meeting that Ana Bárbara and Talina Fernández had in the morning program “Sale el sol”where they once again demonstrated the affection that unites them, after the singer of “Bandido” and “Lo busqué” raised Mariana Levy’s minor children after her tragic departure.

In tears, Talina Fernandez thanked him a Ana Barbara that would allow him see the children when their father, José María Fernández “El Pirru”, widower of Mariana Levy, it was not allowed.

Ana Bárbara replied that she would have liked to spend more time with them, but Talina Fernández recognized that the children could not have a better mother after her daughter and showed how close they are to today.

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Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and gives us faith in love