Tatiana: Swimsuits and a lot of color; the singer’s most daring looks in 2021

The singer Tatiana caused a sensation in the networks during this 2021Well, we saw her show off her best looks and also the most daring, the same ones with which he conquered his thousands of fans because among his favorite clothes were the modern ones swimsuits and the garments with much color.

The so-called “The Queen of Children” began her career in the entertainment world as a teenager, as a pop singer, having a good response from the public with songs such as “Girls of today”. She is currently recognized for her foray into the children’s genre, and for being one of the most beautiful in show business.

In social networks She has become very active, and every day she surprises her thousands of followers by sharing photos and videos of her life, with which she makes an impact by showing that she continues to wear the figure with which she rose to fame in the 80s, and above all showing off great style and the most chic looks.

Tatiana and her most daring looks of 2021

Tatiana, who is originally from Pennsylvania, United States, has earned a place in our country for her talent and also for her beauty, which continues to wear the outfits she boasts, since undoubtedly the most liked by her fans are the women’s suits. bath.

In fact, the singer, who turned 53 on December 12, began the year 2021 with a publication in which she was seen wearing a black swimsuit with a floral print with which she conquered everyone, as the design of the piece allowed her to show off her shapely legs and a pronounced neckline.

A few months later, the beautiful interpreter fell in love with her thousands of followers on Instagram, a digital platform from which she showed off a swimsuit with a modern design, which draws attention for its combination of black with red, white and blue tones.

This is how he boasted one of his best looks. Photo: Special

However, these were not the only pieces of Tatiana that caused an impact, because in his networks he shared photographs in which he is observed posing with great style with two Ideal garments for women who, like her, are over 40 years oldIt is a design with a halter neckline, which gives support to the bust area.

Tatiana conquers in a swimsuit. Photo: Special

Lots of color and cute outfits

Although daring looks are the most liked, the call “Children’s queen“She has also shown that she loves clothes full of color, just as she did a few weeks ago, when she wore a flirty dress in green and orange tones, which she combined with high emerald-tone boots and gave a fashion chair when posing wearing sunglasses, gloves and a bag in the same color range.

Months before, the 53-year-old singer showed that colors are one of her favorite styles, as we could see her showing off a mini shorts that she combined with a yellow blouse, and showing off her heart-stopping legs, just like she did weeks before with a look in which she wore black shorts with a red and white striped blouse.

The colorful designs are one of his favorites. Photo: Special


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Tatiana: Swimsuits and a lot of color; the singer’s most daring looks in 2021