Taylor Swift reveals why Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with her and how much it hurt

Their relationship was brief and almost unknown until she herself composed an album in which she gave some touches on it. What then really happened between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were mere speculation, some rumors that now the interpreter herself has decided to clear up. Taylor has considered that the time has come to tell your truth and he does it in the reissue of the album Net, which he launched precisely after this romance, and specifically in the new version he has recorded of the single All too well, which now lasts for 10 minutes. In the lyrics, which were always considered to be dedicated to the actor, he points out that the interpreter of Spiderman: Far from home he broke up with her because of the age difference that separated them.

The photo of Jake Gyllenhaal that has reminded us of his brief relationship with Taylor Swift

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You said that if we had been a closer age, maybe it would have turned out well / And that made me want to die“Intons Taylor. So Jake was 29 and she was 21 and it was said that it was the media expectation they received precisely because of this difference that ended their relationship. This separation was, it seems, a very difficult moment for Taylor as can be seen in another fragment of the song. “They say that everything that is right, ends well, but I go through a new hell / Every time you cross my mind”. In another of the sentences, he also seems to reproach Jake: “And I was never good at telling jokes / But the joke goes: ‘I’ll get older, but your lovers are still my age’ “. Currently in his 40s, the interpreter is dating the 25-year-old model Jeanne Cadieu, from whom he is separated by fifteen years (with Taylor he takes nine).

This melody was attributed to Swift and Gyllenhaal’s relationship because of the story it tells in which it portrays trips and escapades that coincide with those of the ex-partner, but above all because it starts with the detail that the artist would have supposedly forgotten a scarf in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s house. “Now you’ve sent me my things and I’m going home alone / But you’ve kept my old scarf since then / Because it reminds you of innocence and it still smells like me”. He has been asked many times about this reference and, although he did not want to give a clear confirmation, He has not denied the comments either.. Another of the songs on the album, The last timeIt would also be dedicated to the actor and about this Taylor has spoken on occasion. “It is about the experience I had with a boy who was not entirely trustworthy. He never knew when he was going to leave, nor when he would return, but he always came back”He told NPR. The song portrays a woman who tries to be strong and who doesn’t trust the same excuses over and over again.


Regain control over your music

Taylor swift has started a path in his musical career that is a declaration of intent. With more than 10 years of musical career behind him, he is reissuing his albums, with the intention of regaining control over his compositions after the rights to them ended up in the hands of the investment fund Shamrock Holdings after a maneuver by his former representative Scooter Braun that she did not know. Posted again Fearless and now see the light Red (Taylor’s Version), which includes six unpublished songs. For the presentation, Swift recreated the so-called Diana of Wales revenge dress (in 1994, Diana shocked the international press with her most sexy precisely the same day that the romance between Carlos de Inglaterra and Camila Parker Bowles was made public), a powerful message that accompanies the meaning of the album, which revolves around heartbreak.

In the songs of the interpreter they have always been guessed references to your previous relationships with Taylor Lautner or Joe Jonas, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship as could be seen these days when they were seen together walking with Sophie Turner, the singer’s wife. Taylor has a discreet relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn, 30, with whom she has been for about five years.

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Taylor Swift reveals why Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with her and how much it hurt