Tefi Valenzuela supports women who suffer domestic violence

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Tefi Valenzuela inspires with her life

Tefi Valenzuela It is synonymous with inspiration for many women. The Peruvian artist was the victim of violence by her ex-partner, the actor eleazar gomez. Valenzuela has raised her voice to advise other women and thus highlight female empowerment.

This dark event seems to be a thing of the past, the model Tefi Valenzuela asks to be separated from the name of her aggressor, Eleazar Gómez. “I want them to detach me more and more from that name”, assured the model for an interview with the newspaper The universal . Let us remember that the Mexican actor was linked to a judicial process for the crime of family violence equated after attempted strangulation.

Elezar Gómez is once again in the eye of the hurricane by publishing a message in favor of the movement for International Women’s Day. The artist spent several months in prison for violating Tefi, a fact that made the model not remain silent and commented on the following. “I just think that one has to be consistent with what he says and with what he does, and that’s how I want to stay, whether others do it or not is up to them,” assured Tefi.

A woman who inspires

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The singer shared that her story has served many people pato overcome circles of violence like the ones she lived through. She also wants to carry a message of strength and unity to overcome any mishap in life.

Tefi Valenzuela assures that he has already forgiven Eleazar Gómez after the violence he suffered | First hand#TefiValenzuela claims to have received 3 engagement rings and advises #Belinda not to return the one that #Nodal gave her. We also asked her about her new facet after leaving behind the controversy of violence that she experienced next to # EleazarGómez and affirms that she has already forgiven him. Don’t miss the best of Monday’s show…2022-02-23T21:59:04Z

“They have told me, they have written to me, I have cases with whom I am still in contact, people who did things the right way seeing what I was doing and that inspires me a lot, to continue working for these women, knowing that it can save lives.”

After that event, Tefi has led to produce songs against bullying, against violence, in favor of feminism and also to be part of “Now Shines”, a network based in Honduras created in 2020 that seeks to empower women after surpassing situations of violence.

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The Peruvian singer, too, feels happy for all the support received by Mexico and commented that her recent musical theme “Dance”, it is a complete success. Valenzuela continues to be a point of reference for other women to not remain silent and denounce any type of violence or irregular situation in their lives.

Tefi Valenzuela and her time at La Casa de Los Famosos

Tefi Valenzuela still cries for Eleazar Gomezvia @Jimena Gállego Official tefi valenzuela confesses that he is still not over eleazar gomez #fyp #gossip #parati #scandal #crying abused women2021-08-26T15:17:47Z

The singer Tefi Valenzuela was the first eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos, although her stay was very short, in her week the singer broke down crying and talked about what happened with Kimberly Flores about her case with Eleazar, she made sure to blame, hate and having a grudge was not the best option but he is still afraid of what happened. For her part, she confessed that she had a recurring nightmare in which she relived the aggression she had in the past. Without a doubt, this fact shocked the press and managed to reborn a new Tefi Valenzuela.

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Tefi Valenzuela supports women who suffer domestic violence