“Thank you Wake up America”: excited, Carlos Calderón received baby León for the first time in the show

After remembering, during the segment That’s how it all startedwhat he has had to experience as host of Despierta América, and the joys he has enjoyed during this time, Carlos Calderon had a pleasant surprise by his fiancee vanessa lyon, when bringing his son León to the program for the first time.

This Monday, the Mexican presenter received an unexpected visit from the actress and model, as well as her baby lion. The Venezuelan arrived very excited at the program carrying her firstborn in her arms, something that moved the Mexican, who did not hesitate to express his deep gratitude with the show:

“Thank you Wake up America for helping me understand what it means to be a father, what it means to be part of a family,” Carlos said.

Wearing a fitted dress, Vanessa showed off that she has regained her figure after the birth of baby León, and jokingly shared that it is the “first time I get dressed in six months.”

Excited, all the presenters of the morning welcomed the happy mother and the beautiful baby, who was received with much love, balloons and a very special gift: a romper with the phrase “My first time in Despierta América”.

“He is like a model, he loves the cameras and surely in a few years he will be here at Despierta América as the new host,” the Mexican shared with a smile.

Baby León’s first time on TV: Carlos Calderón was moved to receive his family in Despierta América

Baby León Calderón’s first time in Despierta América

Leoncito filled the entire Despierta América studio with tenderness and made our presenters and production people surrender to his charms. The son of Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon received many flatteryincluding those of Raul Gonzalez who expressed that the baby is “too beautiful” and wished him the best: “God bless him and give him good health.”

The protagonist of this visit was also vanessa lyonwho spoke about how it has been your experience raising her first baby and expressing, as always, how wonderful it has been to be able to dedicate all her time to him and watch him grow as he has done so far: “I want to enjoy every second with him”.

For his part, the happy dad said that “everyone tells us that he looks nine months old” when they see that Leoncito is quite big and is barely six months old because “he eats super well”, and he did not miss the opportunity to emphasize that he The gallant took him from his mother because “he’s just like my Vane.”

He also stated that a few days ago they performed a photo shoot for his six months of life and stressed that his first-born “is quite a model, look for the camera.”

Carlos Calderón is honest about how his life changed with León

Enjoying Leoncito’s first visit to the morning show, Carlos Calderón did not miss the opportunity to express how Her live changed after the birth of his baby, but also how grateful he is to live this beautiful stage surrounded by his family from Despierta América:

“A lot of what I’ve been trying to do as a parent I base a lot on you folks. I never complain about coming to work because I know the sacrifice all of you have made so thank you,” he noted.

The also architect spoke frankly about fatherhood and the meaning it has brought him, but above all how he sees life now:

“It changes your perspective. Those who are fathers must know it, mothers too, when you see your son something changes inside you, I don’t know what it is, you don’t know how to put it into words, but you want to do things better, you want to be a better man, you want to be an exceptional couple, and you want to be someone who makes a change that your son in the future will see and say ‘what a fregón my dad is,’” he shared.

Carlitos added that, in addition to wanting the best in this world for Leoncito, he also wishes that as he grows up, his son can see him enjoying life, loving and being a full man so that he does the same: “That he sees me so happy doing this (in Despierta América), building houses, loving his mother, that he sees me happy.”

For her part, Vanessa Lyon confessed that yes i would like to have another babysomething that many people who recognize them on the street also ask of them, and he joked with the time in which, once again, they could become parents again: “I say that we should not wait so long.”

In addition, the actress of Venezuelan origin, took the opportunity to send a message to those who want to have a baby, speaking from her personal experience next to a man as loving as Carlos, who surprised her for all the support he has given her when raising Leoncito :

“I tell you one thing, if you are going to have a child, you have to find a good man because you don’t know how strong this is. If you do not have a man who supports you, who is dedicated, who really loves your son and cares about you, it is better not to have children, “he concluded.

Baby in sight? Vanessa Lyon says if she is ready to have another child with Carlos Calderón

Baby León, the adoration of Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon

The firstborn of the Mexican presenter with the Venezuelan actress and model was born on Sunday September 5 2021 at 12:45 pm, weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces, and being “super healthy and big”, according to the proud father that day.

However, the last stage of Vanessa’s pregnancy was full of anguish as the couple he got covid-19 last August, a month before the baby’s birth. After spending two weeks recovering, the actress and Leoncito got ahead, because the virus did not cause major setbacks.

At the end of July 2021, the couple celebrated the ‘baby shower’ with a small party where his loved ones and closest friends were, and where he also revealed the sex of your baby: a boy. Just a couple of weeks before, on July 15, Carlitos gave us the surprise that it would be dad. The news was kept secret because, according to him, they “urged” that Gennaro, the eldest son of his partner Francisca, be born, to “not steal the limelight” and until then make the beautiful announcement.

Today, the presenter and his fiancée are very happy and enjoying their new stage as new parents, even having the famous sleepless nights and giving their best effort in raising their baby.


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“Thank you Wake up America”: excited, Carlos Calderón received baby León for the first time in the show