The 5 books you should read once in your life, according to Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo Dicaprio is famous for many things, from its many iconic roles on the big screen forming part of tapes that they are a classic in the cinema, rising producer and to being one of the most important climate change activists today. The actor, without a doubt, is a person concerned about the world and that is why he does theat the invitation to read great works that have left a mark on his life.

According to statements of leonardo himself, Whenever he prepares for a new character, he goes to investigate everything he can and this includes reading great and spectacular books that without them, the actor assures that he probably would not have achieved so many successes.

1. The Great Gatsby

This classic novel was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, DiCaprio reached out to her as he prepared to become the eccentric and mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby. The story takes place after the First World War and tells a story of an impossible love that ends in tragedy.

“The idea of ​​a man emerging from nothing, creating himself solely from his own imagination. Gatsby is one of those iconic characters because he can be interpreted in many ways: a hopeless romantic, a completely obsessed madman or a dangerous gangster trying to hang on to wealth, “Leonardo revealed to Time magazine.

2. Garden of Eden

An Ernest Hemingway classic and one of DiCaprio’s favorite books. This novel tells the story of a writer and the love triangle in which he is involved, this novel is famous for being sensitive and very different from other writer’s books.

3.Revolutionary Road

Written by Richard Yates, this book tells the story of a married couple from Connecticut, who dreams of living a perfect life in Paris, while little by little they begin to drift apart. DiCaprio starred in the adaptation of this novel alongside Kate Winslet in 2008.

“The conversations that each character has in their head…As I sit here kissing my wife and telling her how much I love her and that everything is going to be okay, there’s an inner voice that just hates her and hates my life and knows that I’m lying about everything That internal dialogue in the book is incredible”, revealed the actor in an interview with GQ.

4. This changes everything

This book written by the journalist, Naomi Klein, is the reason why Leo is so committed to climate change.

“It’s about capitalism and the environment… In the end we’ve locked ourselves, through capitalism, into an addiction to oil that’s incredibly difficult to reverse,” he revealed in an interview with WIRED.

5. The Last Hours of Old Sunshine: The Environmental Crisis, and How to Save the Future

Tom Hartman explores some possible solutions to get out of the environmental problem in which we find ourselves. This book was the reason that led to DiCaprio to produce his documentaries about what is happening to him on the planet.

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The 5 books you should read once in your life, according to Leonardo DiCaprio