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Missosology is a website that analyzes the big five beauty pageants. The Miss Universe can be seen in Ecuador on Sunday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m.

The 70th competition of miss Universe is in its final stretch. We are almost a day away from the important preliminary competition. The general mood has turned more intense as female candidates now feel more pressure to win the elusive crown.

For the website Missology, which covers and analyzes the five great beauty pageants (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Supranational) and with more than two million followers in Facebook, there are 5 candidates who stand out in the contest, according to the most read articles on this portal and based on an analysis among its group of correspondents and experts on the ladies who have kept the pulse since their arrival.

Miss Universe 2021: Candidates appeared in the preliminary competition

First up is Sarah Loinaz from Spain. She is one of the most consistent delegates at this year’s pageant, Missology says in a report. “We have never seen Sarah in a bad wardrobe, and her makeup and style have always hit the mark. With Sarah’s lovable and vivacious personality and her dedication to her defense of marine and ocean life, Spain may finally win the crown after nearly five decades. “

It is followed with second place by Harnaaz Sandhu of India. “Since winning his national crown, Harnaaz has been consistent in always looking his best on any occasion. She grabs everyone’s attention with her flawless posture and graceful movements. He is also fluent in English, which makes it even easier for him to enter the final court. “

Third is Michelle Marie Colon from Puerto Rico. Its popularity is skyrocketing among pageant fans. “Michelle may not be the most photogenic, but she has a winning aura every time she speaks and appears in public. In fact, the power of the Puerto Rican band in Miss Universe cannot be underestimated ”.

Nadia Ferreira from Paraguay appears in the fourth position. “While we believe that Nadia is perfectly capable of becoming a great Miss Universe due to her physical attributes, character and intelligence, what will hurt her chances of winning is the fact that her country has no band power in Miss Universe (se refers to the fact that this country has never won a competition) ”.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Kedist Deltour from Belgium. This is the pageant where everything about her will be appreciated: beauty, body, personality and an interesting story (she was born in Ethiopia, was sent to an orphanage and was adopted by a Belgian family when she was 10 years old). In addition, she is one of the most photographed delegates, according to Missology.

The specialized portal also considers the following beauties as candidates for a distinction, in that order: Venezuela, Luiseth Materan; Brazil, Teresa Santos; South Africa, Latela Mswane; Colombia, Valeria Ayos; Y Philippines, Beatrice Luigi Gómez.

In total, 80 candidates will compete for the Miss Universe crown to be held in Eilat, a port city in southern Israel, on the shores of the Red Sea, near Jordan. The three-hour program will be hosted by the American comedian and television host Steve Harvey. For the Latin American public the conductors will be Jacky Bracamontes Y Christian of the Fountain, in a broadcast that will be carried out by Telemundo television.

The final gala will be held on Monday, December 13, but due to the time difference with Israel, it will be seen tonight. Sunday 12 from 19:00 (Ecuador time). Fans of the event can follow their candidates minute by minute competing in various categories, live from Israel through the Telemundo signal on their website or through TNT. You can also follow the signal from OnDirecTV (channels 201, 300, 500, 550, 800, 999 and 1201 HD) and on the streaming platform DirecTV GO.

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The 5 favorite sovereigns to the Miss Universe crown, according to Missology | People | Entertainment