The 5 Ninel Conde bikinis that raised the temperature in networks

Ninel Count has established herself as a 360 artist, because In addition to acting, he has made a name for himself in the music industry.. This has helped the so-called ‘killer hottie’ manage to amass a large number of fans who support all her projects and keep her current on various digital platforms.

Such is the case of Instagram, a social network where She stays active frequently to pamper her followers with one or another postcard in which he makes them part of his day to day life.

Through her profile, Ninel Conde does not limit herself to publishing content related to her professional projects, since she also ventures to share photographs of his private life, including trips, outings with friends and familyas well as beauty and fashion content.

For this reason, we share some of the images that the actress of stories like “Fire in the blood” and “Sea of ​​love” has published on Instagram and have swept inside the platform.

Blue like the blue sea

Ninel Count she does not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sun’s rays in order to obtain the tan that characterizes her. In addition, the interpreter of “Callados” does not miss out on motivating her followers to leave their homes to enjoy nature.

heart attack legs

On several occasions, the famous 45-year-old has exposed the incredible figure she has and has even uncovered one or another secret of her beauty routine. Such was the case with this publication in which In addition to being seen in a tiny nude bikini, she shared one of the products from her personal care line with whom he has taken care of his infarct curves.

vitamin sea

“From time to time it is SUPER necessary to disconnect,” Ninel Conde wrote to accompany the hot photo he shared in which he was seen clad in a red bikini while enjoying a sunny afternoon from her bunk.

belly of steel

actress and singer has one of the most enviable figures in the world of entertainmenta fact that does not go unnoticed through his Instagram account.

However, with her publications, the famous not only reveals her curvaceous figure, she also gives a “little taste” of her extensive wardrobe of beach outfits.

With the mind in paradise

For Ninel Conde, the sea represents more than an opportunity to show off your worked figureas it serves as the perfect escape from the routine that lives thanks to his career.

“Sometimes you need escapes. And my favorite places to escape almost always include the sea”, pointed out the interpreter of ‘Bombón killer’.

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The 5 Ninel Conde bikinis that raised the temperature in networks