The 5 products that Penélope Cruz stopped consuming to look impressive at 47

The passage of time is inevitable and the marks it leaves on the skin are difficult to stop, but it is scientifically proven that, by changing some habits that can be harmful, you can maintain healthy skin regardless of age.

Women generally spend millions of pesos or dollars looking for some “magic” cream or any product that prevents wrinkles and blemishes at all costsOr delete them forever. However, there are certain types of customs that must be stopped in order to show off young skin for a lifetime.

For example, having vices such as always sleeping late and not resting the necessary hours that the body needs, smoking, overexerting yourself, eating too much flour or too much fat, not using sunscreen or moisturizing creams, not having a set time for meals and being disproportionate in the portions are some of the factors that influence how the face looks.

However, to reverse the effects of bad habits that have been practiced for years, they must be changed. This is what the famous actress has done Penélope Cruz, who at 47 years old has radiant skin and does not seem that age, he looks even 15 years younger.

In 2006, Cruz was the first Spanish actress to be nominated for the Oscars and the Golden Globes in the category of best leading actress, for her role in the Spanish film Return; on that occasion she did not win, but in 2009 she became the first Spanish actress to win the Oscar statuette for best supporting actress thanks to the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona Directed by Woody Allen.

The secret of the Spanish actress to look radiant a few days before her 48th birthday is to eliminate five products from her daily diet that an ordinary person would possibly include in her list of most used foods and about which much has been talked about in the last weather.

In an interview for the magazine Instylethe Spanish assured that she tries to avoid the following foods, mostly because her body is intolerant to some of these products and rejects them, for which she decided to completely exclude them from her daily diet:

  • Dairy products
  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Rarely drink alcoholic beverages
  • quit smoking years ago

In addition to this, she stated that consume plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein from farm animals, since they are generally healthier for human health, since they are not foods that are being processed, but are natural and this has a very good effect on the body.

The actress is an ambassador for the Lancôme brand and stated in the interview that in addition to removing said foods from her menu and eating naturally, he drinks a lot of water and takes time to do Brikram yoga, a discipline that has helped him raise his energy levels, reported Eat Healthy.

This type of yoga is a system that Bikram Choudhury (Hindu yoga teacher) synthesized from hatha techniques (pranaima and asana practice) traditional yoga and became popular from the early 1970s. All Bikram yoga classes have a duration of 90 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.

Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 40.6°C (≈105°F) with 40% humidity. Through this type of practice, up to 1,200 calories can be consumed in each session, revealed The vanguard.

Thus, if a 70 kg person ran at a rate of 7.6 km/h, it would take more than two hours to equal this amount; the high impact of Brikram is proven yoga in the body Therefore, the set of these types of habits result in a healthy body and young skin, like Penelope Cruz’s.

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The 5 products that Penélope Cruz stopped consuming to look impressive at 47