The actor Mauro Urquijo abandoned his wife and ended the marriage

Photo: Instagram mauro_21urquijo68
Photo: Instagram mauro_21urquijo68

In September 2019, the actor Mauro Urquijo surprised his followers by marrying Maria Gabriela Isler, a transgender woman with whom she broke stereotypes in the entertainment world, since there were quite a few criticisms that her courtship generated.

Since then, the couple had ups and downs, like any other relationship. However, their most recent conflict caused the marriage to end permanently.

This was confirmed Carlos Vargaspresenter of ‘Network‘, who assured that Urquijo packed his bags and left the house without leaving any trace, because this is the time when he gives no signs of his whereabouts.

“When she got to the house there was nothing and María Gabriela went into ‘shock’. He left with clothes and everything, he took everything he could take (…) he does not know where he is, he does not answer the phone, nothing, “said the journalist, who argued his version with a call he made to Isler herself, who did not deny a single word, although she said she did not want to talk about it.

Given the large number of comments aroused by the information broadcast by the Caracol Television entertainment program, Gabriela Isler spoke through social networks and made her divorce and separation public.

“Thank you for these three years of living together and for being my husband, because with you I learned what true love is. Today we take different paths, but I know you are an excellent man and for that I wish you the best.The young woman commented in one of her Instagram stories, in which she added several photographs of her ex-husband, with whom she lived in Santa Marta.

This is not the first time that Mauro Urquijo has fled from the home he formed with the trans womanWell, she herself assured last October to ‘I know everything’ that, after an argument, he began to distance himself and reject her.

“This is a bomb that Colombia never knew because I did not want to shock. In addition, it was due to a very silly problem, not even due to infidelity, it was really due to something very minimal that he did not think and at that time I was not in a good mood, so I answered him in a bad way (… ) That night I was very rude”, confessed ‘the siren’, as her husband calls her.

It was then that The actor packed his bags, bought tickets to Bogotá and then reached Villavicencio (Meta)where he was with his parents for several weeks in which he did not want to answer María Gabriela’s calls or messages.

“He did with my feelings to the point of saying ‘no more’. What happened to me? go look for him after a month, that’s what we lasted apart “he added.

It is key to remember that the couple began their love story in 2018 and were classified as a union swingers, that is, they had relationships with other people outside of their marital commitment. In fact, Isler has already shown some photos of her on social media of what appear to be her encounters with third parties.

But this is not the only thing that has caused a stir about the marriage of Mauro Urquijo, because several months ago both declared that they practice Freemasonry.

“There are many people who ask me and my husband what religion we have. I tell them that we are in Freemasonry. (…) Freemasons is a religion to which very few people will be able to enter, ”said the transgender woman in some stories that she posted on her Instagram account, in which she also referred to this practice as one in which they venture powerful men of great economic influence and who potentiate their sexuality through rituals.


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The actor Mauro Urquijo abandoned his wife and ended the marriage