The aesthetic transformation of Pilar Rubio

Pilar Rubio’s physique is not the same as when she first appeared on television as a reporter for the program ‘Sé lo que hicisteis’.

The collaborator has undergone notable changes not only due to age and the fact of having been a mother.

His great love for sports has molded his body And, at the same time that he gained television notoriety, he has been improving aspects of his image such as hair, smile and of course the outfits.

Beyond all these improvements (totally understandable, legitimate and admirable) some of its detractors speak, however, of aesthetic touches of another dimension.

Without the farthest, this week during his usual collaboration in ‘El Hormiguero’, Rubio’s way of speaking went viral while Internet users debated whether it was due to a few too many drinks or some type of dental surgery or lip augmentation .

Dental treatment

It is true and public that Pilar Rubio has had a dental treatment in the well-known Madrid clinic ‘Carlos Sainz Smile’, specialists in veneers without dental carving.

At the time, both Carlos and Pilar assured via ‘stories’ that it was only a whitening on the presenter’s natural teeth.

Lip filler

Last April, and again before going to the set of ‘El Hormiguero’, the collaborator published another snapshot on her Instagram account that was criticized by her followers. Supposedly by an increase in the volume of the lips.

“Stop doing things to your face … you were beautiful”, “a lot of lip” or “be careful … the upper lip is beginning to deform” were some of the negative comments that have left followers of Pilar Rubio after this post.

Some suspicions that have been repeated this past Monday. Spectators spoke of a possible cheekbone, lip surgery, a visit to the dentist and even that Pilar was ‘drunk’.

The wife of Sergio Ramos He has not made any statement in this regard or has spoken on his Instagram account, where there has been no activity in the last 24 hours.

Once again, Pilar turns a deaf ear to criticism and continues with a smile, between Paris and Spain, focused on her work, her children and her training.

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The aesthetic transformation of Pilar Rubio