The Alec Baldwin Tragedy: A Husband’s Grief, Tribute, and a Cry of Complaint

The world of cinema continues to be shocked after the fatal fatal accident that occurred this week on the set of the film ‘Rust’, that these days took place in the Bonanza Creek Ranch again Mexico.

On Friday, the news that the actor Alec baldwin He had ended the life of the director of photography Halyna Hutchins after accidentally shooting her with a weapon that was supposed to be a blank, impressing locals and strangers.

Two days after the tragedy, Hylena’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, has been seen with the nine-year-old son they both had in common, Andros, leaving a hotel in New Mexico to attend a private tribute held in Santa Fe and which Alec Baldwin also attended.

The filming set where the tragedy occurred. (Reuters)

Matthew Hutchins has shared his anguish through social media after the tragic loss of his wife. On his Instagram account he has published several photographs in which he and his son happily pose with Halyna. “We miss you for monkeys, Halyna”, has written next to the images.

“Halyna was an inspiration to all of us with her passion and vision for life and her legacy is too great to be summed up in words. Our loss is huge and we ask the media to please respect my family’s privacy as we try to process our grief. Thank you all for sharing images of your life, “he wrote via Twitter.

According to various media, Matthew and Baldwin have been in contact After the accident and the actor has been “a great support”, according to the husband of the deceased director of photography has declared.

After the accident, some information about what happened has begun to come to light that has begun to raise a cry of complaint within the International Guild of Cinematographers, which has organized this weekend a vigil as a tribute, with candles, in the Albuquerque Civic Plaza.

Pain and sadness during the tribute to the deceased. (Reuters)

The scenes of pain during it, were evident with the hugs and shed tears by Halyna’s teammates. As sadness grows, so does the demand on the part of this sector to increase the protection of filming equipment against accidents related to firearms on the recording set.

Dozens of people attended this vigil in which they held candles and gave speeches conveying how dear she was to Halyna in the community.

“Tonight is for Halyna. There will be plenty of time to focus on the who, what and why in the future, ” said a companion of the deceased during the vigil. “We have two things to accomplish tonight. The first is to comfort each other and the second is to celebrate the extraordinary life of an extraordinary woman who was interrupted too soon, ”he added.

Meanwhile, a request for It has already been launched to ask Hollywood to ban the use of firearms on film sets. More than 10,000 signatures have already been collected. The initiative was launched this past Thursday by Hutchins’ director and friend, Bandar Albuliwi: “We need to ensure that this preventable tragedy never happens again. There is no excuse for something like this to happen in the 21st century. Real weapons are no longer needed on movie production sets, ”he wrote.

Candles in honor of Halyna. (Reuters)

According to the latest information, the gun that killed the cinematographer On the set of Rust, it had been used for target practice by some members of the team, according to some sources linked to the film’s production stated on TMZ.

Another source assured this same medium that both live ammunition and spotlights were being stored in the same space within the filming set.

According to a search warrant published on Friday, Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, a 24-year-old girl in charge of weapons of fire on set, he had placed three blank pistols on a cart outside the set. The first assistant director, Dave Halls, took the Colt used by Baldwin from that car and offered it to the actor after saying the phrase “Cold gun!” slogan to clarify that it was not loaded.

Two production sources who previously worked with Gutiérrez-Reed told The Daily Beast that this was not the first time the young woman had been involved in an incident on a film set.

Another source stated in the same medium that there were at least two previous incidents of accidental firing of weapons by another member of the team, prior to Thursday’s tragic incident.

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The Alec Baldwin Tragedy: A Husband’s Grief, Tribute, and a Cry of Complaint