The amazing resemblance of Welcome aboard that impacted Laurita Fernández: “It scares me”

Laurita Fernández was impacted by a participant of the door of similarities (Welcome aboard. El Trece)

the gate of similarities Welcome aboard is a box of surprises and became one of the most popular segments of the program who now drives Laura Fernandez in the afternoons of The thirteen. Sometimes, directly because there is an abyss of distance between the character in question and some participants who sin as enthusiasts. But there are times when the similarity is so great that the impact reaches everyone present in the studio. And when the famous represented is someone who is scary, the repercussion is greater.

After receiving a Vicentico somewhat deteriorated, the driver approached the door ready to continue with the dynamic. She put her hand on the doorknob, opened it gently and peeked out to see what was behind the scenery. Immediately, like someone seeing a ghost, she closed the door. She took a deep breath and with a nervous smile, she refused to comply with the announcer’s request. “It’s just that it scares me,” she acknowledged and gave a clue as to who she could be. “If we misbehave,” Laurita warned, raising the pear and placing her hand on her neck, in the universal symbol of threat.

Something more determined seemed Hernan Drago, which however began to doubt before the driver’s warning. “Is pesuti pesuti. Open it, I don’t dare, ”insisted the driver and left her place, but she had no luck, since the model opened and closed the door in a second. The one who took action on the matter was the stewardess Valentina Retamales, who with some fear started to open the door. But before, the driver asked the production to play a background song.

Laurita and a gesture that says it all
Laurita and a gesture that says it all

With his slicked-back curls and hairstyles parted on the side and a slow, steady walk, a man very similar to Pablo Escobar, but even more to Andrés Parra, the protagonist of the popular series The patron of evil, inspired by the Colombian narco. Willing to continue the game, the driver decided to treat the participant in the best possible way to avoid possible reprisals.

“I don’t have a grandmother, or a puppy, or a family, or anything.”, Laurita cut short, paraphrasing the threat that the character uttered. “I don’t know whether to ask her who she is, it doesn’t bother me,” she added hesitantly, while the participant struggled to maintain the seriousness that her characterization imposed. So, the dialogue was encrypted. “Are you who I think she is?”, Inquired the driver. “Yes, exactly,” replied the man.

—And how do you like the people here at the studio?

—I like them very much.

—Luckily… And are you of good character or are you kind of complicated?

“No, good-natured.”

—But when you get angry, it gets complicated…


—And you walk like this with that look for life?

“Yes, mostly yes.”

The man from Rafael Castillo, La Matanza party, and to whom a friend had written down, answered each question from the driver, who did not quite believe the resemblance. Until, finally, he asked the formal question. And the answer this time surprised no one: I am Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. he assured with an unmistakable Caribbean tune. “She scared me when she said it,” finished the driver before hearing the speech from the series: “I killed her mom, dad, uncles. Rather, I even killed her grandmother. And if her grandmother is dead, I dig her up and kill her again”

The incredible likeness of Pablo Escobar
The incredible likeness of Pablo Escobar


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The amazing resemblance of Welcome aboard that impacted Laurita Fernández: “It scares me”