The bad moment of L-Ghent: he decompensated when he arrived in Bolivia and had to be assisted

L- Ghent

“Oxygen 420 for the blacks“, wrote L-Ghent on their social networks, just minutes after arriving in Bolivia. The thing is the height played a trick on him and after his arrival at the Oruro airport the singer became unbalanced and had to be assisted.

After receiving oxygen, 21-year-old Elianyes, he recovered and was able to continue with the schedule of shows that he had established for these days in the neighboring country.

L-Ghent had to receive oxygen in Bolivia
L-Ghent had to receive oxygen in Bolivia

“You are good, you are focused, every day you project something new, you have a full schedule of occupations, you work a lot, you think about your future and you are accommodating your life and family. Only 21. With that you have to be happy, your part is already there. You have the motivation of your people and the endurance yours of a good turro from below. Let them tell it however they want, ”he wrote in the last hours on Instagram with several photos of his time in Bolivia.

The weekend had been on tour for Santa Fe, Corrientes and Chaco and had an awkward moment when wandering by Resistencia wanted to go to a shopping mall and realized that he had forgotten his chinstrap. A fan there presented him with a Chaco For Ever T-shirt and used it as a chinstrap.

At night, when he appeared at the Sarmiento club, he wanted to use it but the club managers dissuaded him since the rivalry between the two teams is known. Something similar had happened to him in Corrientes when he wanted to go on stage with a Mandiyú shirt that La Luchona gave him, and he had to change it since the recital was at the Boca Unidos stadium, a historical rival of the jacket he was wearing.

In one of the free moments, Jamaica’s dad Play fanatic challenged a Chaco in a championship and lost. He did the same when competing with a Corrientes and won.

Elián Angel ValenzuelaAs is his real name, it is from General Rodríguez, he is 20 years old and he became known in recent months. In addition to participating in various advertisements, he even met with President Alberto Fernández. Among his best known hits is “Cumbia 420”.

In the last days Enrique Pinti was harsh when referring to him and assuring that “he has no talent”. “There were always sudden stars, before the dance. There were artists who became famous on the radio. When I was a boy, there was a folk singer named Antonio Tormo, who all the people who knew about music called him fat, or Alberto Castillo. But they were a barbarian success and it was what today could be L-Ghent”, The actor began in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Miter Live.

Then the capocómico added: “I usually put people in the black folder who later become classics of the popular, then you have to have respect for those people because in some way they are doing it.”

However, he shot: “I do not see much talent. For example, when I was a kid, I saw talent in Antonio Tormo. Talent to get into the environment. I was ten years old and said that he didn’t sing so badly, that he didn’t go out of tune. On the other hand, not L-Ghent. But also one is already big and has another sensitivity”. And closed, blunt: “It does not reach me”.

Some time ago Patricia Sosa had also questioned the new figure: “I did not hear so much from L-Ghent. I heard the alphabet … I heard the other song that in the video comes out with a gun. I don’t like that thing about the gun anymore. Later I saw him in reports and he seemed divine, a very charismatic boy and good intentions. I think that at this time it is about communication rather than art, it goes through how many followers you have and not what you are doing ”.


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The bad moment of L-Ghent: he decompensated when he arrived in Bolivia and had to be assisted