The Baldwins on their bittersweet Halloween: Alec’s half smile and Hilaria’s message

This weekend Hilaria and Alec Baldwin They were with the press that since the fatal accident occurred in which the actor killed a woman from his film crew, he has not stopped following him everywhere. In that tense encounter, the actor decided talk to journalists To try to get some peace After answering a few questions, the eldest of the Baldwin made a plea for them to stop harassing them: “My children they are in the car crying, “commented the actor, to which his wife added,” because you are following them and they know it. ”

In this way they verbalized the complicated situation they are going through, not only the couple, but also the whole family since the incident in which he passed away Halyna Hutchins. But amid so much tension and pain, there is also time to try to recover the happy moments and this is what both Alec and Hilaria are trying to do.

“Taking care of our children through this has been an experience, to say the least, intense. Today we meet to give you a vacation. Last minute costumes, a bit of a hodgepodge, but they were so happy … That warmed my mother’s heart “, he wrote next to a photo in which we see the whole family with their homemade Halloween costumes.

The Baldwins, on the scariest night of the year. (RR.SS)

Since the nightmare started Hilaria has become Alec’s best support. He has been with him at all times and has served as a source of communication with all his fans. Until the meeting with journalists this weekend, the actor had only communicated through his social networks to explain the immense pain he felt: “There are no words to convey my shock and sadness for the tragic accident that has claimed his life. from Halyna Hutchins, deeply admired wife, mother and partner… I am fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in contact with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, his son and all those who knew and loved Halyna, “he wrote. In his last statements to the informants, he reiterated the fact that he had met both the widower and the son of the deceased.

Always next to him

During all this time Hilaria has become the best support for the actor: she was the first, before Alec himself, in expressing the immense pain the couple felt for the loss of the 42-year-old cinematographer. “My heart goes out to Halyna, her husband, her son, her family and her loved ones. And with my husband. It is impossible to express the shock and pain of such a tragic accident. I am heartbroken. Loss. Support,” she wrote On Instagram. This weekend he again relapsed on that message of unconditional support, this time with less text but with a beautiful image of his clasped hands and a resounding phrase: “I love you and I am here.”

Meanwhile, the investigation continues to clarify what happened on the set of ‘Rust’ in which its director Joel Souza was also injured: in the scene they were filming, the actor had to direct the shot directly at the camera where he was the deceased cinematographer and, after her, the film’s director.

The reason why several live bullets were found on set is still unknown. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, person in charge of the film’s armory, issued a statement shortly after the accident in which she expressed her pain at the incident and assured that she did not know how the bullets got to the gun, because during the recording break she would have kept the weapon with the projectiles in a safe that few had access to. “Hannah has no idea where the live bullets came from,” explained a statement from her law firm.

Dave Halls was the other person in charge of weapons and according to witnesses he was the one in charge of putting the gun in Baldwin’s hand. The television channel CNN announced shortly after the accident that Halls had worked in the direction of the film “Freedom’s Path”, where an accident similar to that of “Rust” occurred, but without fatalities.

Message of support and condemnation

In recent weeks, Alec has received messages of comfort and encouragement from many of his colleagues who are in solidarity with the difficult time he is going through. Very few have been the critical voices (yes they have been against the fact of using real weapons in the filming), although there have been some of almost surrealist overtones. The best example was starring Donald Trump Jr., the son of the former president of the United States, for selling t-shirts on his website in which he ridicules the incident. “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people,” can be read on the front of some T-shirts that are sold for $ 27.99. The son of the former president controversial from the United States He also used his Instagram to share a meme that said “Let’s see Alec Baldwin blame the gun” next to a text that said: “It is only a matter of time.”

Trump Jr. is taking revenge for all the taunts the actor made against his family in the past: Baldwin appeared several times on the popular show ‘Saturday night Live’, from the US network NBC, ridiculing the tycoon who was quick to react. “It’s time to retire this boring and graceless show,” claimed Donald on Twitter, while calling the performance “stinky.”

Baldwin, characterized as Trump. (NBC)

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The Baldwins on their bittersweet Halloween: Alec’s half smile and Hilaria’s message