The “beauty of Venus”, the “Cuban” did not need anything in the photo

Livia Brito He reappears in a photograph that seems to be on the cover and with a very different look, he managed to make his fans fall in love by covering what was necessary with his arms.

The TV actress, Livia Brito He reappears in a photo from a fan page in which he looks “unrecognizable” by leaving his great long hair loose and tousled, which allowed him to cover the essentials next to his arms while modeling on a postcard.

The “instagram celebrity“, who has increased his popularity with 6.9 million subscribers, to almost nothing of 7 million, has become a favorite of the platforms.

The “originally from Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba reappears from a fan page inspired by the best moments of the soap opera actress like “the pilot“(2017-2018), one of those that will catapult her career and recently, “The Heartless“Of which it is contemplated, a second season could come, it would reveal the same famous woman of almost 36 years.


Livia Brito unrecognizable? Her hair covers the essentials. Photo: Capture Instagram

Born on July 21, 1986, she has distinguished herself by keeping her hair dark without subjecting it to any noticeable color transformation until today, as she wore it in her most recent character as “Fernando Linares“.

On this occasion, a greater volume covers the sides of her face in addition to her enviable silhouette, of which she showed little by sitting down and with her legs close together while hugging her torso, which prevented the remembered actress from “Triumph of Love“will show more.

“Wuaww I didn’t recognize you, You are a beautiful lady receive hugs, Precious, Diva, You are extraordinarily precious, you are unique, MY GOD!!!, Beautiful Livia Brito, You have a divine beauty, you have the beauty of venus, you are unique, You are beautiful God bless you, How beautiful, It looks like a venus”.

They were some of the reactions towards the interpreter in “Abyss of Passion“(2012), “I love you I love you” (2013-2014), “Italian girl comes to get married” (2014-2015), titles that consolidated her career at the beginning.

The “daughter of actor Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana”, has been crowned “the queen of tik tok” Sharing some moments and the habits that contribute to maintaining her beauty, exercise is one of the essentials in her routine.

The remembered presenter of reality shows like “Dancing for a Dream” (2014) has a great accomplice and support, his sentimental partner, Mariano Martínez, a coach and nutrition consultant of Venezuelan origin with whom Brito Pestana has had an affair for 3 years.

Mariano Martínez has been very present in Livia Brito’s life, from some of her recordings, vacations and/or family moments, as she has documented, and of course in her training routines.

What the same film actress in titles such as “The Perfect Dictatorship” and plays such as “El Cartero”, has documented on her various social networks.

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The “beauty of Venus”, the “Cuban” did not need anything in the photo