The breakup of Mai and Inés Gómez Mont

The criminal process that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the FGR initiated against Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga and your partner Ines Gomez Mont he is about to collect his first victim: the conjugal society of both. The businessman and the television host have not only decided to lead separate lives and defenses, but there are indications that each would be seeking personal gain.

In this scenario, the one who remains in a more compromised position is precisely Gómez Mont, since the niece of the former Calderonista Secretary of the Interior, Fernando Gomez Mont, would have a broad legal presence in companies that are investigated as invoices or as part of a money laundering network, greater than that of her husband.

Of 22 companies investigated, the celebrity was the legal representative of 14, while her husband only appeared in eight company names. Either by chivalry or by strategy, Mai fully involved her partner in the business, so the main objective of the judicial investigations is Inés Gómez Mont.

Those who passed as promoters through the ranks of Álvarez Puga y Asociados assure that the presence of the driver, both in business and in profits, was never an imposition; apparently Gómez Mont was always aware of the nature of the family’s business and she herself asked to be involved.

There are many references that confirm that the luxurious gifts, the properties, the latest model vehicles and the sumptuous life that Mai promised her were the main reasons why they became a couple, and in the marital agreement, in which they shared assets and income. , they also ended up sharing arrest warrants.

In this path of separate defenses, and most likely confronted, Gómez Mont has opted for family support, so he will have the firm Zapata, Velasco, Gómez Mont Abogados, with his cousins, on his side. Philip and Pablo Gómez Mont Landerreche at the forefront of the legal strategy. For his part, Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga will now walk hand in hand with the AGPRyC office of Juan Araujo and Cesar Gonzalez.

The task does not look easy for either party. Despite the fact that the complaints that triggered the arrest warrants are for alleged tax crimes and not at all scandalous amounts, another pair of investigation folders weighs on the now ex-partner that includes money laundering crimes and, therefore, organized crime.

The complaints for which they seek to apprehend Gómez Mont and Álvarez Puga are for tax fraud of 16 million pesos –addressed with a crime of Money Laundering charged in a controversial manner by the Prosecutor’s Office–; here also with greater participation of the driver, since while she is singled out for 14 million pesos, he is charged with the same crimes for only 2 million.

In these conditions, Gómez Mont’s defense seeks to make a reparation agreement effective with the SAT and separate himself from the activities that Álvarez Puga has been carrying out for a decade in terms of tax evasion strategies.

On the contrary, Álvarez Puga seeks to collaborate with the Mexican justice through a criterion of opportunity, a possibility that opens up, technically, not being the main one involved in the crimes and, politically, having a lot of information on bigwigs who benefited from the services of evasion.

Note: The attorneys Juan Araujo and César González dissociated themselves from participating in the defense of Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga.

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The breakup of Mai and Inés Gómez Mont