The bunnies at the Playboy mansion had a curfew

'Secrets of Playboy': the documentary that will reveal the dark secrets of Playboy.

‘Secrets of Playboy’: the documentary that will reveal the dark secrets of Playboy.

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The Playboy Mansion could have been presented as almost any girl’s dream house, but it turns out that there were some strict rules that had to be followed to the letter.

The bunnies who lived in the home of the creator of Playboy magazine, Hugh hefner, they always had to come home before nine o’clock at night or they would risk ending up sleeping in the garden, as revealed now by the old model Jenna bentley who also insisted that the public does not even know half of what happened at the parties.

“We had a curfew at 9 pm, it wasn’t like we were prisoners, although if you didn’t make it to curfew, you were sleeping on the grass. They were very strict about it “

Jenna bentley

She settled in the mansion known as ‘Bunny House’, which was located next to the main house where Hefner resided with his girlfriends, when she was 18 years old and shared the house with twelve other girls.

His memories of that time are wonderful, although he admits that no boy could come to visit them and that, before moving, they had to sign a confidentiality agreement promising that they would not expose anything they saw in there. And it was not for less, because she assures that she saw an endless number of well-known personalities doing unimaginable things.

“We weren’t allowed to have boyfriends, even meeting boys was an immediate kick,” she told JamPress.

Despite being a resident, he clarified that he never slept with the magazine’s editor, regardless of Holly Madison’s claims that bunnies were obligated to do so.

“I never had sex with Hef, never, but I did find him having sex once. Obviously, I can never say who it was with. All I can say is that there were four people, including him. “

The nicer side of all this is that in exchange for their discretion and following the rules, the bunnies lived in a kind of real ‘Barbie house’ and could ask for whatever they wanted at any time of day just by picking up the hook. the phone.

“This place we lived in had cinemas, animals, trampolines, stylists. It was a real life Barbie playhouse. There were servants who cooked and cleaned. There was a phone that we called ‘Dial-a-Dream’ because you could press 0 and ask for whatever you wanted, at any time of the day or night. For example, if I wanted French fries from McDonald’s at 3 am, they would go out and get them, ”he explained.

A ten-episode documentary series will premiere on A&E Network’s in 2022 that aims to reveal new secrets of life at the Playboy mansion and promises to expose the mistreatment that millionaire Hugh Hefner gave to the women he lived with and the consequences they allegedly suffered.

“For almost six decades, Hefner kept a tight grip on Playboy. Now, four years after his death, insiders, colleagues, executives and employees are ready to share the full story of what life at Playboy was really like, “said a statement released by the show’s production.

They will include interviews with both his ex-girlfriends Madison, Marquardt or Theodore, as well as people close to Hefner such as Miki García, former director of Playmates promotions, among other employees of the mansion.

“I really believed that I was the owner of these women,” Garcia says in a teaser for the docuseries.

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The bunnies at the Playboy mansion had a curfew