The Cambridge Christmas card has arrived and you can’t imagine where they posed from

One of the most anticipated moments for followers of royalty has arrived, the Prince william and the Duchess of Cambridge -Kate Middleton- They have released the photograph they have chosen for their Christmas postcard. As every year, posing with their three children, they have shown how much the Little Princes have grown, which are far from how they looked in the image they shared last December. Unlike other occasions, when they have been seen posing in the barn at his country house, Anmer Hall In Norfolk, this time they have opted for a more exotic and different scenario, apparently in what is a desert, in which they surely spent some vacation days throughout the year. It is a beautiful setting in Jordan, a place they recently visited privately -and that coincides with the country they visited just a few weeks ago Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall-.

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In a stylish red outfit, Kate Middleton shone at the Christmas concert

Raspberry, the color you should try this season according to Kate’s wardrobe

“Delighted to share a new image of the family that appears on this year’s Christmas card,” reads next to the image on social media of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Showing a very different side of the family, this time they did not appear in simple winter clothes as they have done in other Christmas postcards, but they have been seen relaxed, in holiday clothes, with William even wearing his summer shorts, revealing a more informal and relaxed side of the family.

It is not uncommon for the Cambrians to use a photograph not explicitly taken for the occasion for their card, and it is not the first time that they have used a pose taken during one of their international trips; but it is the first time that we see little Louis posing from another country for the camera. Due to his age and the setbacks of the health crisis, the youngest Cambridge has not been able to join his parents on any official trip as his brothers have done on other occasions.

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In a tender coincidence Jordan was home to the Middleton family when Kate was very young, as her father worked for British Airways from that country. One of the few disseminated images of his childhood was taken precisely in some historical ruins of the place, so surely, the trip was full of anecdotes and memories of the past.

Simply spectacular, Kate Middleton dazzles with her jewel dress

The looks of the family

The Duke and Duchess who appeared this week at Westminster Abbey, maintaining the formality that characterizes them, were relaxed when posing with their children. The Prince appears in the image wearing a simple coffee polo shirt combined with beige shorts and simple loafers. While Kate has not lost the glamor in a stylish but comfortable olive dress.

The three little ones kept the styles that their mother has given them in the public photographs that have been released of them. George wearing a short-sleeved shirt in a cargo print – which he started wearing a couple of years ago with a wink at his dad – combined with beige shorts and navy blue tennis shoes. Little Louis, matching his father and brother, also wore Bermuda shorts and a navy blue and white striped pongo shirt with short sleeves; while Charlotte wore one of her lovely plaid dresses with pleats on the top and details on the sleeves, in navy blue and white with the same sneakers as her younger brother.

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The Cambridge Christmas card has arrived and you can’t imagine where they posed from