The children of Mayrín Villanueva and Jorge Poza inherited their talent: find out what they do

The Si Nos Dejan actress married actor Jorge Poza, with whom she worked on the series ‘My Generation’ and the 1998 telenovela ‘Preciosa’. After 11 years of marriage, the couple separated in 2008, but the fruit of their love they had two children: Romina and Sebastián.

Before the divorce, Mayrin She met Eduardo Santamarina in the telenovela they both starred in, ‘Yo amo a Juan Querendón’ in 2007. Two years later they married and formed a beautiful family with their daughter, Julia.

“It was not given”: Eduardo Santamarina does not speak with Jorge Poza, the ex-husband of Mayrín Villanueva

children of Mayrín Villanueva?

The first daughter of the Mexican celebrity was born in 2000. At 20 years old, she stands out for her beauty that she inherited from her mother, since they are both very similar.

Although the young woman has stayed somewhat away from the media spotlight, in social networks she is an influencer. On his Instagram account, he has more than 217 thousand followers, with whom he shares his day-to-day life, as well as professional portraits made by independent photographers.

From what we see in her social profile, Jorge Poza’s daughter is a fashion lover, as she poses with style and elegance the clothes she chooses to have incredible photo shoots. Like his dad, he has a taste for photography and cooking, he even boasts in various publications that he is a fan of pastries and sweet drinks.

And like a whole young woman in love, she also likes to share the moments she spends with her boyfriend, Joss Romero, with whom she has gone on a trip on several occasions, as shown on their respective social networks.

The second son of the actors was born in 2003. The young man, currently 18 years old, decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and has participated in some productions, including the telenovela in which he worked with his mother ‘Soltero con hijas’ (2019 ).

Like her sister, she is very fond of fashion and has therefore worked as a model. He has even been the image of some magazine covers, plus he has walked on several red carpets.

In his Instagram account he has 295 thousand followers and there he shares the photo sessions he takes, his trips and even romantic images with his girlfriend, Azul Guaita, the protagonist of the new version of ‘Rebelde’, with whom he has been dating for two years. .

“Today two years ago I remember the emotion that gave me kissing you for the first time. Today I celebrate two years of being able to kiss you every day 🙂 Love, I love you with all my life, I really appreciate every second that you have given me, I have really enjoyed these 2 years and I have learned a lot from you. Thanks!!! I love you tlacuachito, ”he wrote in his anniversary post on November 23.

The youngest of the family, whom she had with Santamarina, was born in 2009. At 12 years old, she can already boast that her Instagram profile has more than 24,000 followers.

In this social network, he usually shares photos with his parents, as well as his holidays in the snow or the beach. In those images, her fans always assure that she is just like her mother.

Julia has a disease called lower limb dysmetria and since she was little she has undergone various operations to correct her congenital problem, as one of her legs is shorter than the other.

In 2016, Mayrín Villanueva told the newspaper ‘Reforma’ that her daughter underwent an operation in the United States to reduce the difference of 5 centimeters between both legs, which was a success and she had a good recovery.

“My daughter is perfect, thank you, she is very well. I came back last week and I brought her too. The whole family is very well, she still has to return and Eduardo is going to help me, this time, he is going to playing support me in that part ”, he revealed.

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The children of Mayrín Villanueva and Jorge Poza inherited their talent: find out what they do