The children of Paulina Rubio, her most tender baton in Premio Lo Nuestro

From a very young age, Pauline Rubio knew that his passion was music. At the age of 10, he entered Timbiriche to start writing her memoirs as a singer, a profession for which she was recognized today in style in Lo Nuestro Awarddelivery where they gave him a special recognition for his career, an award that, last year, was dedicated to Mark Anthony. For such a special night, the golden girl was attended by his family: his mother, the leading actress Susana Dosamantes and his sons, Nicholas and Eroswho paraded through first time on a red carpet.

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The production of Premio Lo Nuestro recognized the singer’s career with a video in which she took a tour of her musical career: “Today celebrates three decades as The Golden Girl”was heard, to then give way to the remix that the singer prepared for tonight in which she sang songs like Not a single word, I loved you so much, Cause and effect, Mine, I’m still here, I’m not that woman, among others. After her presentation, she appeared on stage Luis Fonsi who was in charge of giving him the award: “Paulina, you lead a life full of successes and the best thing is that you still have a whole life left to give us many more (…) You are The Golden Girl, but for us you were The Adored Girl“said the singer and then gave the award to the singer.

The children of Paulina Rubio on the red carpet of Premio Lo NuestroSEE GALLERY

Excited, Paulina Rubio appeared on stage to receive the award: “Thanks” he said into the microphone; however, due to an audio problem, she was unable to deliver her acceptance speech and bowed off stage. On his side, at the table in front, were his children who looked very excited throwing kisses at their mom. Susana Dosamantes was also seen on the delivery screen, sitting, applauding her daughter, while her grandchildren jumped excitedly after seeing her mother in action completely live, without a doubt, they were Eros and Nicolás the most tender baton of the golden girl tonight.

Through her Instagram account, Paulina Rubio documented the emotion that invaded her since she was getting ready to attend the gala. Although she is used to attending this type of delivery, without a doubt, this year’s edition of Premio Lo Nuestro became the first event in which the singer had the company of her children, whom she for the first time she was able to dedicate a presentation to them: “Today is a day where I am very nervous because my family comes, my mother and my children almost never come and that is so special”he said in one of his stories when he arrived at the magenta carpet of the award ceremony, where he met his children and his mother.

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The debut of their children on a carpet

smiling, Nicolás and Eros posed next to their mother and grandmother. In the images, which will go down in history as one of the most special in the family, we see the singer’s children, very elegant; the oldest, in a navy blue suit and the little one, in a more casual outfit, which she got with a blue jacket that she combined with jeans, a very comfortable outfit for her age. During her tour of the magenta carpet, Paulina took the opportunity to introduce her children to the singer Pepe Aguilar who approached the children to greet them with his puppy Fat, with whom he posed tonight; On her part, Ángela Aguilar’s father also shared in her stories this meeting with La Chica Dorada and her children.

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The children of Paulina Rubio, her most tender baton in Premio Lo Nuestro