The company of his 5 daughters, the best gift of Jacky Bracamontes on his birthday

After the spectacular party with theme of Frozen, with which Jacky Bracamontes Y Martin Fuentes they celebrated the two years of their twins, Emilia Y Paula, the family is celebrating again, this time, for the driver’s 42nd birthday. Through Instagram, the couple has been sharing some details of how they are celebrating the birthday girl who traveled to Guadalajara to enjoy Christmas in the company of his family. Through various stories, Martín has shown how the people of Guadalajara blew out the candles on their cake surrounded by his parents, his sister Ali, his nephews and the love of his 5 daughters.

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For his part, Jacky shared on his Instagram feed a special photo in which he appears next to his five daughters, hugging her: “It’s my birthday. Very happy and spoiled for 5. Thank you all for your congratulations “, wrote the tapatia as a description of this image that his fans use to send him nice messages wishing him an excellent day. With this post, The presenter made it clear that this year, her best gift is the love of her familyNot only that of her daughters and her husband, but also, on this occasion, she was able to enjoy the company of her family, but especially in her home state, which she had not been able to visit in two years due to the pandemic.

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With a smile that reflects the happiness that being close to hers causes her, Jacky was very full on this birthday where we saw her very excited listening Las Mañanitas of his parents’ voice, so he let it be seen Martín Fuentes in one of his stories where we see his wife very happy in front of her cake, while her father Jesús Bracamontes and his granddaughters. This moving moment was recorded by Jacky on video, because she is very clear that this birthday has a lot of meaning, because she has been able to celebrate it as she likes, in the company of the people who love her the most, in the house where she grew up.

According to the publications of the birthday girl’s husband, on this date, the family gathered in the living room of Jacky’s parents’ house where they enjoyed pizzas and fun board games. In addition to the love of her closest circle, the host also shared on her social networks the messages and details that her fans sent her on this day. Several of her followers made some videos where, in images, they projected a bit of the actress’s evolution, from her beginnings in soap operas, to her role as a mother of five.

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Congratulations from her friends

Through Instagram, Jacky also received several congratulations from friends in the middle, such as his countrywoman Ximena Navarrete who wrote: “Happy Birthday!”. Another famous person who wrote to her was Paulina Rubio with whom you have a very close relationship since you live in Miami: “Congratulations precious. That they pamper you as you deserve “, he wrote The Golden Girl. Luis Fonsi, Karla Guindi Y Hector Sandarti They were other friends of the presenter who sent her their best wishes.

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The company of his 5 daughters, the best gift of Jacky Bracamontes on his birthday