The controversial phrase of Prince Harry and the therapeutic effects of leaving work

There seems to be no day without controversy for Prince Harry. On this occasion, the British press has taken him on for some unfortunate statements at a time when millions of people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, but you have to put the words in context to understand that their intention was not bad, but perhaps you did not take into account many variables when making them.

Prince Harry has advised people who feel ‘trapped in jobs that don’t bring them happiness’ to leave them and said doing so was something to ‘celebrate’. Some demonstrations that arrive almost two years after his departure from the British royal family and that he decided to do the same, to change it for more lucrative ones.

The British tabloid press stresses that lives in a 14 million euro mansion in California And that, in addition, he has a series of very juicy sponsorship agreements with companies that pay him to represent their brands, something that has helped him pay for his life in luxury in the United States after Prince Charles decided to turn off the economic tap.

Prince William, in a file image. (EFE)

These statements have seen the light after his own brother, Prince William. make public how his work as an air ambulance pilot caused him a mental health crisis, after rescuing a seriously injured child, but in his case he did not stop this activity.

In Harry’s favor we must underline that he did it to underline that the world is becoming very aware of the importance of mental health. He made these claims at a panel discussion with the American business magazine Fast Company, in which he spoke about his work at the California-based mental health startup BetterUp.

A committed work

This work began to be carried out last March and its tasks include product strategy, philanthropy and public promotion related to mental health. He is also involved with the initiative called ‘Pledge of the 1%’, a movement that encourages companies to donate to their communities 1% of the capital stock, staff time, product or profits.

This controversy comes when the previous one has not been turned off, with just a few hours between one and the other … In this case we are talking about una involving his father, Prince Charles, and that is also being heavily fed by the British tabloids.

Prince Charles, in a file image. (EFE)

Queen Elizabeth II’s most controversial grandson has stated that he expressed his concern about the figure of Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz a year before prince of wales He proposed him as a candidate for the appointment of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which he finally achieved in 2016.

Prince Harry has stressed that he was concerned about the motivations for his ‘generous’ donations to charitable causes related to Prince Charles in order to obtain not only the aforementioned distinction but also British citizenship.

A very famous resignation

The Duke of Sussex he did maintain a relationship with the Saudi billionaire. In fact, they met on two occasions, but it is said that he broke all relationship with him in 2014 and the prince has communicated that he has nothing to do with the scandal of his distinction in 2016.

Prince Charles has come under fire in recent months as a result of his relationship with Mahfouz and the hundreds of thousands of pounds the billionaire donated to his foundation.

The Prince’s valet, Michael Fawcett, was forced to resign as director of the Prince’s Foundation last month for his role in this scandal and it was a painful gesture for Prince Charles as he is a person of his strictest confidence. In an independent investigation it has been discovered that Fawcett would have had contact with representatives of Mahfouz who were trying to obtain that honor in exchange for these large donations. There are those who even estimate that they could have reached a million and a half pounds sterling.

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II. (Getty)

Prince Charles, in addition to having presented him with this recognition in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace, had meetings with the Saudi millionaire in Scotland and Saudi Arabia. Even so, Clarence House reported yesterday that it was not aware that the donations were intended to get closer to Prince Charles and receive a favorable treatment from him.

The British royal family is going through a delicate moment not only because of this controversy of Prince Charles, which has a smaller dimension than that of his brother Andrés, already condemned to family isolation by his past association with the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the accusations of having had sexual relations with Virginia Roberts when she was a minor. A very difficult year for Queen Elizabeth II, due to the loss of her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, and the tribulations of her children. This same week, in addition, he has lost one of his confidants, Ann Fortune FitzRoy, the Dowager Duchess of Grafton, who has been in his service since his accession to the throne.

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The controversial phrase of Prince Harry and the therapeutic effects of leaving work