The crude phrase of China Suárez that dislodged Wanda Nara in a telephone discussion

China Su & # xe1; rez and Wanda Nara

China Suárez and Wanda Nara

Yanina Latorre revealed in The angels of the morning (thirteen) details of the tense call they had last week Wanda nara and the China Suarez on the link of the latter with Mauro Icardi, husband of the businesswoman.

According to the panelist, she said that the actress “had two strong phrases” towards the sports representative and model. “The first is when he tells Wanda that, between the two of them, make up a story” so as not to look “so bad” with her friends Paula chaves and Zaira naraLatorre maintained.

However, China’s strongest expression was a response to a question from Wanda. Asked about the reason for her visit to Paris, the actress would have answered without a filter: “A c … to your husband and he could not c …”. The journalist Mariana brey He specified how the former member initially expressed herself Almost angels about the relationship between Mauro and Wanda and said that “He lied to all of us”, because she referred to him as her husband and not as her ex. The journalist quoted Nara’s response, who reportedly told Suárez: “I’m going to cross you, hold on”. In addition, he explained that Suárez would have recorded the conversation he had with Wanda.

On the other hand, the wife of Diego Latorre He told details of the criticisms that China would have made to his examiga, the driver Paula chaves, for his role at Wandagate: “He said that he was a bad person, a daring person, and that he did not understand why he had gotten into the subject. As explained in the show program, the former model is close to Zaira Nara, Wanda’s sister and “is angry” with the interpreter of The red thread and Abzurdah. Suárez, for his part, described Chaves as “A misplaced” and hinted that “I was never going to forgive her for getting into where no one called her”.

In turn, China would have claimed to Chaves, in an informal meeting and before Ktz producers, that when Paula replaced Veronica Lozano in your program Cut for Lozano, he would have begged his ex-friend to come and give him an interview.

The reconciliation of Wanda and Icardi in Dubai

After going through a relationship crisis that ended in separation, Wanda nara and Mauro Icardi they reconciled and They traveled to Dubai to share four days alone. This Sunday the couple showed on the networks the romantic farewell of this mini honeymoon, which included flowers, champagne and family photos.

The 34-year-old businesswoman and the 28-year-old footballer were received in the room of the luxury hotel where they stayed with dozens of heart shaped balloons, inflated with helium, which decorated the roof of the place.

In addition, as you can see in the video that Mauro shared on his Instagram account, he was waiting for them a bottle of champagne with two glasses, a bouquet of 30 red roses and, most movingly, two picture frames with Family photos.

During the trip, it transpired that Icardi wrote a poem to his wife. And away from the controversy over the controversial letter that led the couple to reconcile in their first breakup, these verses invited the businesswoman to resume their bond and build a future together.


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The crude phrase of China Suárez that dislodged Wanda Nara in a telephone discussion