The “Cuban” pulls up her shirt, leaves everyone breathless

Livia Brito, reappears in a video that she shared in her stories with her boyfriend Mariano Martinez and together they lift their t-shirts showing off their abs of steel and promoting their key secret.

The “TV actress“, Livia Brito, not only shares a common sentimental bond with the personal trainer but also a taste for exercise, both have achieved a silhouette that many would envy.

The interpreter of “Fernanda Linares”, in the telenovela, “The Heartless“A production under the baton of José Alberto, “El Güero” Castro, in which he participated with great success, shared a recording from his Instagram account in which he boasts the marked area of ​​​​the abdomen in the company of his partner and nutrition advisor.

Livia Brito and her boyfriend show off abs with t-shirts on top. Photo: Capture Instagram

The famous woman, born on July 21, 1986, showed, together with Mariano Martínez, the fruits of a fitness lifestyle in one of her most recent Instagram stories, where to date she has 6.8 million subscribers, to whom they even revealed one of his tricks.

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He mentions the “originally from Ciégo de Ávila”, while sharing the benefits of constant use of this garment that apparently promises great results.

The too”mexican youtuber“, Livia Brito Pestana has given herself the task of inspiring many of her loyal followers and people who want to join her training, so on past occasions she also shared the bases to join some of the fitness challenges with her.

Do you want to sign up? Here I leave the data: @ALWAYSFIT.MX @yosmimariano, it is read in a label in which Livia Brito mentioned her partner in a past publication.

Many remember Livia Brito for her participation in “Triumph of Love“, where he debuted with the character of “Fernanda Sandoval”.

While a large number of entertainment regulars will mostly identify her as “Yolanda Cadena Lesmes” in the series-novela, “the pilot” (2017-2018), a story that would catapult the career of the CEA student.

Although the beautiful hazel-eyed star, who wears a set of purple top and shorts, has always stood out for her slender silhouette, the truth is that in recent years, the also host of “Dancing for a Dream“He has hit the exercise hard.

It was precisely during a break in her career, last 2020, when the actress of famous soap operas such as “I love you, I love you” (2013-2014), “Italian Girl Comes to Get Married” (2014-2015) “Doctors: Line of life” (2019-2020), among others, focused mostly on exercise.

the today”tik tok queen“She has become popular not only because of her collaborations on the small screen but also because of her taste for platforms where she shows a little more of herself, her tastes for dancing, exercising and incidentally leaving a mark on the hearts of her followers with her indisputable beauty.

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The “Cuban” pulls up her shirt, leaves everyone breathless